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These are my goals for my 8th grade year, comment and give me your opinion. Kudos to me if I complete all of them this year.

1. Get ALL straight A’s or atleast try
2. Make the school volleyball team
3. Make the national team for club
4. Use a planner
5. When playing basketball, help people up
6. Have a crush on a boy
7. Learn how to whistle with my fingers
8. Learn how to do a volleyball roll
9. Learn how to snap with my left hand
10. Smile when I’m angry
11. Instead of hating someone, write their name on my notebook
12. Finish reading the Harry potter series
13. Stop reading twilight
14. Get Khloe Kardashian hair
15. Travel out of state for volleyball
16. Learn how to rap Love the Way You Lie
17. Make many mistakes
18. Learn how to rap Not Afraid
19. Cut my hair shorter
20. Cry on the last day of 8th grade
21. Not to care what other people think
22.Go to after school detention Monday and Tuesday, for too many tardies
23. Kiss a boy for the first time
24. Get an Asian boyfriend
25. Don’t be self-conscious about my feet size. Atleast I’m not short, stubby and have big feet?
26. Go back to God. He misses you
27. Get 60 followers on Tumblr.
28. Get 70 followers on Tumblr.
29. Get 80 followers on Tumblr.
30. Get 90 followers on Tumblr.
31. Make it to Winter Break.
32. Make it to Spring Break.

These are my goals for my freshman year in highschool. Kudos to me if I do em.
1. Turn 15 🙂
2. Start driving w/o a permit
3. Date a guy taller than 6 foot.
4. Go to the house of torment
5. Get A’s and B’s all year round
6. Don’t cut your hair all year
7. Get jungle fever.
8. Go to assloads of parties.
9. Be a slut for halloween
10.Stay with someone for months and months and months.
11. Cuss alot.
12. Enjoy freshman year.



1. Bbfreeze - August 26, 2010

I like #13 and #17 (:

Layla - August 26, 2010

Thanksss haha 😀

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