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Ah, questions just question the mind don’t they? I love questions cause they make me question my questioning mind. Before we start the session of questioning, I don’t know I forget my questioning question. I love questions, am I saying it too much?




1. Bbfreeze ♫ - May 26, 2010

xD Ok, well this might be hard to answer, but it’s about my friend problems. I have 2 major ones going on right now, one of which I’ve talked about so much that I’m sick of it, so I’ll ask you about the other one (which is moderately smaller than the other one)

So, I met one of my best friends this year. Her name is Jasalynn. She’s always been a funny, nice, helpful, and trustworthy friend. And I would give up anything to hang out with her, she’s really awesome. So one day, literally out of nowhere, she was best friends with a girl named Kelcie. I’ve never liked Kelcie, she’s a big spoiled brat and wants everything her way. Their friendship was getting obsessive (mainly Kelcie’s fault, like tugging Jasalynn away to tell her a secret or something) and that’s when I started to get annoyed. I brought it up to my other friend, Gia, who happened to think the same way about their annoying (and sudden) friendship, and how it was disrespectful and selfish that Kelcie and Jasalynn were keeping things from us, when we were her best friends in the first place. So Gia, being the drama-starter-and-lover she is, told Jasalynn off on AIM. She brought up (and quoted) everything we talked about. Which ticked me off, because I’m really not the person to fight. So I waited for hours worrying, and finally Jasalynn called me. She told me she just got done crying, and that “she didn’t do anything, and we were getting mad at her for no reason.” On the inside, I wanted to say “UM, YES YOU DID. You let Kelcie tug you around like a stuffed animal, and you met her like yesterday and can already trust her with all your secrets?” (Obviously I didn’t say that). I made up excuses because I wanted to stop fighting. I know that wasn’t the right thing to do, but it was the only choice right then, because I felt bad getting mad at Jasalynn.

The fight was on and off for the next few days, until we finally made up. (The problem wasn’t settled completely, but I hate fighting, so I put an end to it.) The bad part is, after all that fighting, and Jasalynn actually crying and arguing, SHE CONTINUED TO HANG OUT WITH KELCIE. Like, do you think that since we’ve made up, it means that you’re free to do whatever the fight was about? No, it doesn’t. Making up from a fight is a promise, not just an ended arguement. So of course, Gia brings it up again, causing more drama and painfulness. Blah blah blah, we made up AGAIN. And you guessed it, they still continue to hang out. I’m a little bit more of friends with Kelcie now, and getting to know her makes her seem a bit nicer and funnier, but I’m still annoyed.

My question is, what should I do about this? I mean, I know Jasalynn has the freedom to choose her friends, but Kelcie is always bossing Jasalynn around, and sometimes even hitting her when she doesn’t obey her. And I’ve honestly never seen them happy when they’re hanging out together. It’s driving me insane, and I want to do something about it WITHOUT starting up the arguement again. What’s your advice? It’s a lot, I know, you don’t have to come up with an answer, it’s complicated. lol. Thanks!

LAYLA: Wowww, lots of drama.
Jasalyn: Maybe she wanted to branch out some? I mean, some people just want new friends completely, out of nowhere. And they go off, leaving you in the dust. But thats her decision and it shouldn’t affect you. A true friend will stay with you until the end, and thats what I always stand by when one of my friends goes off and leaves me. You tell yourself it’s her loss. But, to be the bigger person in the situation, fighting and arguing isn’t the best way to settle it. But, of course there has to be some way you can settle this. So you calmly go up to her after school and ask her whats been going on. And that your confused on whats happening and what you’ve been seeing. If it gets out of hand, just tell her you didn’t come to her to argue but yet to calmly talk about what your both feeling about your friendship.

Kelcie: Now this is the girl that, at the beginning, was only focused on trying to steal your friend. I may be wrong, but thats what she looks like to me. But, your very right for not wanting to argue. I’d be different. I’d be all up in here face askin what she trying to do. Hahah, but not all times call for that stuff. What I think you should do is try to befriend this brat and try to sort of jump into their circle if she won’t jump back into yours, if that makes any sense. And if that doesn’t work, move on. There’s plenty of people who would love to be your bffl forever! The main thing is: don’t let anyone make you feel like you can’t fit in or that your not cool enough to be her friend. Thats completely out of the question. You shouldn’t change for anyone.
Hope I helped! 😀

2. Umph - May 31, 2010

Okay, I have a question.

There’s this girl that I’ve had SO much drama with since like, the beginning of school. There’s been rumors, copying, lying, arguing, counseling, even a physical confrontation. I still despise her.

However, she STALKS my friends and I. STALKS. She thinks we still like her after all the drama she’s caused, but honestly, no. I don’t like her. So me and my friends will be, you know, hanging out at recess. She’s come over and talk to us. Yeah, we’ll be friendly, say ”hi” and ”how’s it going”. Then after a brief talk, we’ll move. She’ll follow.

We give her pretty plain signals that we’re not interested in a friendship, but she doesn’t get it. She sits with us at lunch and even took my friend’s spot. I am nice to her, but when I walk away, she follows. Urgh, she’s the shadow that I can’t get rid of.

looneylayla - May 31, 2010

Hm, woww. I haven’t had this problem before but I’m sure I’ll go through it soon, hahah.
First of all, your making a fantastic move on still being nice to her. If somehow she does something out of the ordinary and even mean or physically rude, you can tell an authority figure with everything on her but nothing on you. Yess, she might say that she was just trying to give off the impression that she wanted to be friends with you but you wouldn’t let her. That can be debated. Then, the authority figure will tell you that you need to be friends with everyone. But thats the time when you just say: some people you just can’t befriend!

Maybe try telling your mom? Ask your mom to talk to her mom. Or maybe have a calm talk with her? Tell her you just can’t force a relationship. There’s really no wrong way to handle this except that your mean to her and reject her blunt-like, if that’s a word xD
If you despise her so much that you don’t really wanna try to be friends. Maybe just tell her that your sorry but this can’t work out? I know it sounds hard but it’s better than being annoyed every minute of the day. Hope I helped, Emma! :mrgreen:

3. Umph - May 31, 2010

Thanks for the advice, I’ll be sure to try it.

4. Douja - June 24, 2010
5. Douja - July 31, 2010

Last lie you told?
Song stuck in your head?
Color you’re wearing?
Someone that means the world to you?
You found a snail that can give you wishes, what would you name him?

Layla - July 31, 2010

Last lie: to my parents saying that I didn’t eat all the Popsicles.
Song: Cher- do you believe in life balanjsjs
Color: blaccckk Louisville cardinals shirt
Person: my brotherrr
Name of random snail: Shanir
(promouced Sha-neeer)

6. Douja - July 31, 2010

1. What was your favorite Halloween costume and why?

2. If you could have dinner with any three people from any time, fictional or non-fictional, who would they be and why?

3. If you could be invisible, where would you go and what would you do?

Layla - July 31, 2010

1. A remote control. Cause I liked pressing the buttons and saying “your are not subscribed to this channel.”

2. First, the three people I’d have dinner with would be Bob Marley, Steve Carell and Jim Carrey. Because we’d have the funniest, best dinner ever.

3. I’d steal the recipe of the caramel mocha frappcinos from Starbucks & sneak into where they make Glee and watch it before it airs for the world to see.

Thanks for the questions, hahah.

7. layla - August 5, 2010

i heart kyle

Layla - August 5, 2010

Who is Kyle? Loll.

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