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Past Reviews

On this page, you see the reviews I’ve applied for, from who and what they said. I felt like I wanted everyone to see the reviews I’ve gotten, and yeahs.


August 15th, 2010

Reviewer: Sarah

As I enter the website of Layla’s, the eye catching of the website it it is all white even the header! Which I would say they have disadvantages and advantages, when it’s all white sometimes it can be boring. Or the advantage it spicing it up with some color, which she has! I love the different post she makes with some photos there and there. Big text there and there.

Now to the sidebar, we have my link for purposes for this review. Next we have a explanation or a greeting paragraph for the viewers or readers. I think it’s a real attention grabber with the words description she used like “tear – jerking stories..” What else, oo we have some photos and cute quote, nice add to the sidebar I must say! Then we have the blogroll, which I can’t really judge that, ahah.

Next to the pages, we have the “About” page, here we find information about are dear blogger. From what I can read she is a country girl who is very passionate about writing and volleyball. Also at the end, she has a contacts, hehe nice touch if your grounded, ahaha. Same here, same here.

She has a link to a creativity page, but nothing has been posted on that page, so I shall skip it. Now we on to the “Ask Layla” page, this is where viewers can ask for advice or just ask questions to Layla about her like “What’s your favorite color?” Overall, nice page!

Next we have “A story” page, where you will see where her talented writing comes into effect. Excervous is a fantastic story and I reccomend it to all those Pretty Little Liars lovers out there. Since the season is over, why not relive it with a story like hers. But, I shall not judge your story, because it’s a site review, not a story review :lol:

To the “Home page or “Post” page, whatever you would like to call it. I don’t see any mistakes in your grammar. Ah I just love how you spell correctly. Everything is amazing. I’m looking forwards in the future to continue reading your post. I shall be commenting!

Overall, your site is amazingly perfect. Nothing is wrong. Perfect. Nothing I could say to make your site improve. Keep doing what you’re doing Layla!



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