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Excervous: Info

Main Characters

Sarah, Chandler, Hannah, Skyler


A group of girls go through the death of their bestfriend, Molly. You’re right next to them, experiencing the adventure of finding the killer who took Molly’s life. But, when the girls start getting text messages from an unknown person, that calls themselves ‘Oh’, they start to consider the possibility of someone trying to rein-act the popular show Pretty Little Liars.

Other Characters

Skyler’s mom: Mrs. Williams
Skyler’s dad: Mr. Williams

Hannah’s mom: Mrs. Poolay
Hannah’s dad: Mr. Poolay

Detective(s): Detective Hudson

Chandler’s mom: Ms. Tate – Chandler has divorced parents.

Sarah’s mom: Mrs. Frezno
Sarah’s dad: Mr. Frezno


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1. siriuslyawesome - August 15, 2010

I posted an advertisement on my site 🙂

Layla - August 15, 2010

Aw thanks Tianna! 😀

2. Chloé - August 15, 2010

What does Excervous mean?
And yeah you’re really good at writing so I liked to read your story! 🙂

Layla - August 15, 2010

Excervous means excited and nervous 🙂
And thanks, Chloe! 😀

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