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Chapter two

Title: Still thinking of one.
Chapter: 2

Waking up was the hardest part of school. And it was fun, either. I woke up to a teary eyes, frizzy brown hair and a stormy day. And a bestfriend that went on a permanent vacation. I didn’t feel like moving, at all.
As I picked out jeans, shoes and a old t-shirt. A gift from Hannah, my blonde-haired, fancy clothed bestfriend. Along with Chandler, the redhead sports girl and last, Sarah, the brunette who always cheered you up. Someone would have to cheer her up first, before she could cheer anyone else up today. Today– today is going to be the worst. I slumped downstairs and grabbed a protein bar, said bye and walked out the door into the rain to face the worst day of my life.
I pulled up to the ol’ place, swarming with teenagers but only to see my three bestfriends waiting in the spot we’ve met at every morning since freshman year. I got out of my car and jogged over to them and gave them all or tried to, a smile.
“Hey, Sky” Hannah said as she hugged me, trying not to say anything that would remind us of what happened. I wasn’t sure if they even knew..
“Hey, Hannah.” I replied, feeling as though someone was missing. “Um, how’re you guys?”
“Horrible.” Sarah replied, pulling her bag up on her shoulder.
“Horrific.” Chandler and Hannah said at the same time.
“Me too.” I said to all of them. They all had tears in their eyes, but quickly coughed and looked around, as if it wasn’t okay to be seen in public with tears.
The bell rang and we all hurried to class, not talking as much as we used to or doing anything we did before last night.

It was lunch time and we all sat at our usual place. No one talked, or ate. Just sat and thought. What the hell..
“Who did it?” I asked, looking at all three of them.
“Did what? Chandler asked, as she popped a tater tot in her mouth.
“Molly..” I replied, looking at the ceiling. Hopefully I wouldn’t have to say the whole sentence.
” Nobody knows. It’s like it was ghost, I heard a detective say.” Sarah said. Stirring around her mashed potatoes.
That sentence sent everyone into a montage of flashbacks. Then, Hannah proceeded to interrupt.
“Do you guys wanna come over and do homework? We missed last weeks episode of Pretty Little Liars cause of all that load of studying for that bigass test.” Hannah said, trying to change the subject before anyone broke into tears.
All girls nodded and said okay. We usually went over to Hannah’s house and did homework, then watched an episode of Pretty Little Liars. It was one of those traditions.

After lunch, I went to yearbook, which none of the other girls had. I sat next to Brian, this nerd guy, the others called him. But, actually, once you started talking to him. He was really sweet and smart.
“Hey, Skyler.” Brian called, hesitantly.
“Hey, Brian. How’re you?” I replied, trying to hide away the depression I felt deep down.
“I’m fine. I was wondering what you thought about–”
“Could Hannah Poolay, Skyler Williams, Chandler Tate and Sarah Frezno please come to the principals office?” The intercom yelled out. I felt a surge of anxiousness go through me.
Brian dropped what he was saying and told me he’d see me later. I waved back, nervous as hell.

I joined the girls in the hallway, while we strolled into the principals office not knowing what was going to happen. The vice-principal walked up to us and told us there was a detective her to speak with us. We nodded. Scared shitless.
“Hi, girls. I’m Detective Hudson. I’m here to ask all of you questions about Molly Jones.” He looked at all of us, making mental notes of our facial expressions. “I heard all of you girls were very close, correct?”
We all said yes. Trying not to put any emotion that could the wrong message.
“Where were all of you girls yesterday?” He squinted his eyes, trying to look intimidating. It’s was working.
Hannah spoke up, “I was out eating at Chili’s with my mom. You can ask her. And I got home around 1PM. I got home last cause we stopped by the mall.” She rubbed her neck, looking at the ground. She was shaking. Me too.
Detective Hudson proceeded to write down what she said, then looked at Chandler, who was sitting next to Hannah.
“I was at home, getting ahead on homework. You can ask my parents.” She said sternly. Not intimidated by his act.
I was next. I gulped. I knew where I was the whole night. And I’m not intimidated. Ok, maybe a little.
“And you?” The detective looked at me, waiting for a story.
“I woke up really late at home, and saw cop lights. So I ran over there and..” I couldn’t finish the sentence. It’s too hard.
“And, Skyler, your the only one of the girls who lives near Molly?”
I nodded in response. He was writing everything down. That made me nervous.
Sarah told the detective she slept until late afternoon. He eyed her, trying to see if she was lying.

“Thanks for coming, girls. I’ll be in touch.” The Detective said, looking at all of us.
Chandler spoke up, “He knew all of our names already. That’s creepy.”
My phone rang. It was a text message. My jaw dropped, I felt it. I couldn’t stop looking at the text.
I showed them the text message.
“Skyler, who is that?” Sarah asked anxiously.
“I don’t know, but whoever it is has the number zero as a name wants to make a sequel to our favorite show.”
They all looked at me, eyes wide, jaws dropped and minds confused as hell.


What do you guys think about Chapter 2? Yeah, someone is sick enough to try and make a sequel to our favorite show. Can you guys what that show is? ๐Ÿ™‚ And, when you figure it out, do you think it’ll end the same way? We’ll have to wait and see..

โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”-Chapter 3ยป



1. sarah - August 2, 2010

Oh my gosh it’s just keeps getting better and better x’D
Hehe, I love how they watch Pretty Little Liars, and their life is just like the show x’DDD

Layla - August 2, 2010

Hahah I’m soo glad you like it!
I was kinda hesitant about the idea but oh well. I didn’t want people accusing me of copying PLL. ya know? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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