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Chapter three

Title: Excervous
Chapter: 3

After school was finished, we all met outside to talk about the incident.
“Okay, we’re not going to tell anyone about this text message.” Chandler demanded. “Skyler, delete the text.”
I nodded and did as she said. Then, at all once, there was a montage of jingles. Text messages?
“I’m not gone yet. – 0” Said the text message. We all looked at eachother, in complete shock.

“Okay guys, obviously someone is playing a sick joke. Delete the message.” Demanded Chandler, again. We nodded and did so. Trying to figure out whats happening.
“Uh– you guys still wanna come over tonight? A new episode of Pretty Little Liars is coming on.” Hannah asked, trying to calm everybody down. It wasn’t working.

After our meeting, I went home to change into more comfortable clothes and try to get my heart rate down back to a normal pace. Who could be sick enough to play this trick? I went through my phone again to make sure no messages had come in without my notice.
I told my mom I was going over to Hannah’s for homework and dinner.
“Okay, honey. Drive safe.” She said, giving me that face she always gave me since the day I got my drivers license.
“I will mom, don’t worry.” I smiled, trying to keep my stress to myself. She nodded and continued cleaning the stove.
I started my car and drove to Hannah’s house, hoping the silly jokes were over.
I was wrong.

Title: Excervous
Chapter: 3 and a half

Hannah’s home was a beauty, it was. Fancy dining room with a beautiful, glistening chandelier. And the kitchen looking as if it came out of a Home Decor magazine. It never failed to give you the feeling of being in a five star hotel.
Chanderl, Hannah and Sarah were all waiting in the living room for me. They crowded on the floor, books scattered and the tv paused on a commercial. The commercial that always aired from our favorite show: Pretty Little Liars. I quickly got my things out of my backpack and walked to the girls and sat down.
“Hey, Skye. Where’ve you been?” Sarah asked, concerned look on her face.
“Sorry, I’m late. I was tyring to uh- calm down.” I said, rubbing my neck. Oh look, knots. I should have seen that coming.
Chandler scooted over next to me and embraced me. “It’s gonna be okay, kiddo. Tonight no one can mess with us.” She let go, and looked me in the eyes. Determination all over her face.
“Thanks guys.” I said, looking at my three favorite buds since freshmen year. No weirdo could make this night hell. No way.

We finished up our homework, and with a deep sigh of relief and everybody crammed up on the floor, eyes glued to the tv.. we played our favorite show.
It was a new episode and, we were all obsessed, I admit. We did this every single Tuesday since the show came out. Everyone laughed at it but, it was a bonding for all of us. It was actually Molly’s idea. She’s the one that got us all into the show and we all thanked her for that.
A flashback to Allision and her friends, Hannah, Emily, Spencer and Aria on the beach reminded me of Molly and us. Then, as Aria came back to reality, she received a text message. “Your about to loose another friend. –A” We all grinned in suspense and then, the power went out. We all jumped up, not expecting this.
“I guess we missed that a storm is a’brewin” Hannah joked.
We all went into the kitchen and grabbed some candles so we wouldn’t kill ourselves by faling over eachother.
Then we all reunited in the living room, talking and being bored as hell.

“So much for a new episode.” I said, huffing and puffing. “You have it recorded, right?”
“Of course..” Hannah replied. I sighed of relief. Was I that obsessed?

Then, out of nowhere, we heard a creak from the upper level. We all heard it. For sure.
“Someone’s in the house.” Hannah gulped, as she stood up to grab a baseball bat. We all looked at her, wondering if there were any other weapons. She nodded to the fireplace and we grabbed the iron fire pickers, ready for war. Or ready to yell for your lives. Either one?
“Hello?” Hannah yelled up the stairs. We pulled her back, not wanting her to go up there. “This is my house. That son of a bitch isn’t going anywhere in my house.” She set her determined eyes for the stairs, and creeped slowly toward the second level. When we couldn’t see her anymore, we all held eachothers hand and walked up the stairs as well. If Hannah could do it, so could we.

“Hannah!” We whispered, trying to find her. But, not succeeding.
“YOU BETTER GET OUT OF HERE, NOW.” Hannah yelled violently. But who was she yelling at?
A man in a black jumper suite stood in a corner, his eyes fierce with rage.
“Don’t be stupid, kid. You don’t wanna hit me.” Said the man. We all held up our weapons. We glanced at him.
“Actually, we do.” Chandler replied to the mysterious guy in black. She walked closer and united with Hannah.

The man looks around. And pushes both Hannah and Chandler onto the floor, and runs toward the doorway. Sarah and I stood there, our stances strong.
The man runs into us, pushing us down the stairs into a constant tumble. At the bottom of the stairs the man gets up clumily, I got up, head aching and jumped onto him.

“YOU DON’T HURT MY FRIENDS.” I yelled, smacking and hitting the man. No mercy is going to be on his soul tonight.
He grabbed me and threw me to the ground. The last thing I felt was a sharp pain and blackness..

“SKYLER– NO.” I heard someone scream. I heard footsteps. I tried to reply. I just couldn’t..

I open my eyes to bright lights and people all around me. I sit up startled. And everybody takes a step closer to me in urge.
“Skyler, are you okay, baby?!” My mom yelped, her eyes blood shot and her cheeks wet from tears.
I nodded my head, unable to speak. But, why did my neck hurt so bad? I reached up to feel my neck and looked at my hands, in case of blood.
What I saw was worse than blood. It was black ink.

I showed my mom the back of my neck. She covered her mouth in awe.
“Wh-ahts it s-s-say, M-m-om?” I asked, drowsily.
Chandler, Hannah and Sarah walked up to take a glance at it. They all gasped. What the hell does it say?
They looked to the floor and didn’t speak. Why didn’t anyone tell me?

Chapter 3, part 2 coming tomorrow. Check back!

What do you think of chapter three and three and a half so far? πŸ™‚
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1. Sarah - August 4, 2010

Your leaving me hanging here, I want to know what happens next, but I will wait patiently, ahaha πŸ˜† Chapter 3 so far is amazing, can’t wait for more.
And I wonder who this O person is, hmm.

Layla - August 4, 2010

Muah hah ah!
I’m glad I did a good cliff hanger.
I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get it so intense that you wouldn’t be waiting for more.
Actually, I came to this page to start writing haha!
You’ll see the rest in maybe 30 minutes or so

Layla - August 4, 2010

Now it’s updated, hehe!
I’m excited about this chapter!

2. Sarah - August 4, 2010

OMG OMG OMG, you leaving me hanging again x’DD
ahh can’t wait for more πŸ˜€

Layla - August 4, 2010


3. Penny - August 5, 2010

This is amazing, Layla!!! I actually was thinking its definitely good enough to be published.. It leaves me hanging and begging for more.. I need a new chapter asap! xDD

Layla - August 5, 2010

Aww, thank you!!
I’m glad you think so! Come back later today for chapter four! πŸ˜€

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