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Chapter ten

Title: Excervous
Chapter: 10- It’s not over till you sing


The lights went black and I clung to Derek. Someone screamed and we all jumped. I grabbed Derek’s phone and turned it on to give us some light.

The DJ was gone. Is this a prank?

“Why so serious, Skyler?” The voice said. I felt Derek’s grib on me tighten.
“And what’s wrong with you, Chandler? It’s your birthday, I brought you a gift!” The voice yelled. I looked for Chandler, and saw her over on the kitchen counter in Nick’s lap. His arms were wrapped around her and an angry look in his eyes.
The lights turned on and everybody was terrified. They all were wondering the same thing I was.

Who the hell was that?
I had to make Derek let go of me to run to Chandler. I think I peed my pants.
“Dude, who the hell was that?” Chandler asked me, her face worried.
“I have no idea,” I replied, looking around “and where’s Sarah and Hannah?”
“I got no clue, Skye.” She stated, sighing and closing her eyes. She was scared.

Chandler stood up on the counter and announced the party was over. Everyone walked out the door sluggishly, except for Nick, Derek, Seth and Johnny.
“Seth, Johnny– you know where the girls are?” I asked them, hoping they knew.
“Nope. They both had to go make sure no one was upstairs and they never came back down.” Seth replied, looking worried himself. Johnny did too..
“Well, did you go look for them?” Chandler questioned them.
“Yeah, we looked upstairs and in the bathrooms, everywhere. It’s like they disappeared.” Johnny told us. He sighed and looked around. All of us were in love and luckily, we all had someone to lean on. We were living the perfect life, until Molly left..


I opened my eyes to see black. I looked around and saw a figure sitting in a chair.
Whoever it was had long hair, the same color as..as Hannah’s hair.

I tried to talk, but something was stopping my lips from moving. I looked down and saw my mouth was taped like a bitch. I sighed. My life is a living hell.


I saw Sarah across the room and tried to talk. My mouth was taped. Great.

The door opened and someone with long hair walked in. Long, dark black hair and pale skin. It looked like Brianne, Molly’s most-known cousin.

She walked towards Sarah and laughed.

Is Brianne ‘Oh’?

And the end. I hope you enjoyed the first Part of Excervous. I’ll be starting on a new “book/project” soon. I promise you all, Excervous WILL be finished. Just not right now. Comment and tell me what you thinks going to happen in Excervous Part TWO.

My new project will be up sometime today or tomorrow. I’ll be remodeling the Story page and all that. Hope you enjoyed Excervous! NOTE: I might change my mind about ending Excervous now, I probably will, but for now, Part 1 is over.



1. Penny - August 17, 2010

Omg.. did Molly`s cousin have something 2 do w/ Molly`s death… ?Maybe she`s a helper of’ o`s.. or maybe she`s laughing cuz she finds it funny Hannah& Sarah are tied up..? XD Only problem is I don`t know if she was an other at Chandler`s party.. =/Hmmm, but if she`s Molly`s most-known cousin, wouldnt she have ben mentioned that she came…? I have soo many quetions that are needing to be found out-Cant`wait 4 Part 2 Excervous!!!!

Layla - August 17, 2010

Haha, I’m working on it today!
Chapter one will be posted later today πŸ™‚

2. Sarah - August 17, 2010

OMG, me need to know more D:<
this is amazing, your really talented at writing πŸ™‚

Layla - August 17, 2010

Aw, thanks Saraaaah! πŸ˜€

3. Sarah...x - August 17, 2010

oh my goshh 😐
I think mollys cousin is “o” :O

Layla - August 18, 2010


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