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Chapter six

Title: Excervous
Chapter: 6


I opened my eyes to see nothing but dust.
I fanned away the dust to see my friends laying on the floor next to my parents. I crawled over to them and tried to see if they were alive. Sarah and Chandler opened their eyes and slowly sat up, coughing.
“That was a bigass earthquake.” Chandler stated. Sarah and I laughed.
“Where’s Sky and my parents?” I asked them, standing up in the big tub, looking around.
I saw where a wall collapsed to see Skyler and my parents beneath it. Completely out cold.

I ran to them and shook them carefully, trying to wake them up. My mom and dad finally woke up, and crawled to hug me.
“Is everyone okay?” My mom yelped, tears streaming down her cheeks. Her dream house destroyed.
“Yeah, Skyler is out cold, Mrs. Poolay.” Sarah called over, sitting next to Skyler, her head in her lap.
“Is she still breathing?” My dad yelled back, trying to make sure she was even alive. We all crossed our fingers, praying we wouldn’t loose another bestfriend.
Sarah felt her pulse and looked back at us.
“Her pulse is fast,” a tear escaped her eyelashes and dropped onto Skyler’s dusty cheek. “and she’s bleeding. She hit her head.”
My mom grabbed a towel and ran over to Skyler, putting pressure on her wound to stop the bleeding.
Sarah rejoined us and watched our parents try to help Skyler, our bestfriend could be slipping away for all we knew.

We held hands and watched Skyler lay there, lifelessly.


I heard voices.
They sounded like my bestfriends’ voices.
They were calling my name.. but I couldn’t answer back, telling them I was ok.
Or was I not ok?

I successfully opened my eyes and mouthed “I’m okay”ย  to whoever was above me.
I felt a sting on my head and fell into the blackness. Am I dead?


Being at a hospital made me feel like I was pregnant.
That gave me shivers.

Skyler was sleeping, wires connected to her lifeless body. I walked over to her, and had a sudden flashback of all of us, including Molly, at the carnival, watching a clumsy clown drag around a sluggish elephant. Then, the best part, Molly stands up and yells: “Let the elephant go, you animal abuser!” Then, sits back down and chows down on her popcorn. We all admired her for the bravery she put out. After that special show, the carnival director met with us, discussing what Molly was trying to do.
She held her head high and told the man sternly that holding elephants strictly for entertainment purposes should be prohibited. It was the most amazing thing ever..

Then, a montage of high pitched sounds interrupted my flashback and people rushed in, doctors, nurses etcetera. I backed away quickly and watched them crowd around Skyler.
Then, I looked over to the monitor that tracked Sky’s heart. The line was flat.

I ran to get everybody and led them back into the room, but the door was shut. They wouldn’t let us in.
Skyler’s mom was all over the door, yelling to let her see her baby. Her eyes bloodshot and face turning cherry red. I held Sarah and Hannah’s hand and let tears slowly fall down the hills of my cheeks.
They worked on her for maybe ten minutes, and we were all forced to go back to the waiting room. The doctor walked in slowly, and we all stood up at the same time, wanting to know the fate of my beloved bestfriend, and her parents’ precious daughter.

“Mr and Mrs. Williams, would you please come with me?” The man asked, looking around the room. Mr. Williams stood up and wrapped his arm around his wife, who was biting her lips in hoping her daughter was still alive.
He led them into the hallway until we couldn’t see them anymore.

There was talking, then a burst of tears from Mrs. Williams.

What do you think of Chapter six and a half so far? Will Skyler live to see who killed Molly?

Chapter 7ยป



1. Sarah...x - August 9, 2010

wow, so much suspense, cant wait to see what happens next!!
Oh and by the way where do you get all the pictures from in your chapters?

Layla - August 9, 2010

Aww thanks!!
And I get them from Doujas tumblr. The link is in my blogroll ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Sarah - August 9, 2010

Your so talented at writing ๐Ÿ™‚
Lovely chapter so far.
I think Skyler will stay alive to see who killed Molly ๐Ÿ˜€

Layla - August 9, 2010

Awe thanks!!
And we’ll see..(:

3. Sarah - August 9, 2010

Ah, she can’t be dead D:<

Layla - August 9, 2010

You’ll have to wait and see..
Muah hah
Hah hahhah.

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