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Chapter seven

Title: Excervous
Chapter: 7- There’s a shark in the water


My phone rang. Then, Sarah’s. Then Hannah’s.
“You can’t find me until your find yourselves. -o.”

Mrs. Williams and her husband walked back into the waiting room, a joyous smile on their faces. Hannah, Sarah and I were sitting next to eachother, our faces probably red from tears.

“Girls, Skyler is fine. You can go see her, if you’d like.” Mrs. Williams told us, kneeling down to our level and holding our hands, like we were part of her family.
I stood up and hugged her, letting the tears of joy roll on out. We all sped-walked for Skyler’s room.

There she was, laying peacefully, on her bed. Her face smiling and then she waved at us. Like, this was one of those homework parties. We walked over to her, then I got a message. I hoped it wasn’t 0. Whoever that was..sent me a text message.
“There’s a shark in the water. -o”

I cleared my throat and put the phone back in my pocket. Right now wasn’t the time to scare me. I hugged Skyler and smiled.
“We’re glad your okay, Skye. We couldn’t stop thinking about you.” I said to her, not letting 0 get to me. If there’s any shark in the water, it’s me. Hunting down some asshole trying to scare us.
“I have a huge headache, haha. And thanks. Thanks guys..” She paused and looked at me. “Chandler, you got a text from o. I can see it on your face, sweety.”
The three of them looked at me, waiting for a response. Instead, I showed them my phone.
I looked around, then saw Molly on the news. Holy shit.

“Sarah, turn it up.” I whispered.
Turning it up didn’t help anything. I didn’t hear a word they were saying., except for ‘bloody jacket’. I screamed internally. In my head, but, for some reason there was an actual scream. Did I just scream? Or..

Then, we saw a few people running down the hall.
“What the hell.” Skyler stated, yeah..what the hell? I walked to the doorway to see a man in black, holding out a gun to well, no one. The halls were empty except for me looking out.
He looked at me. I held my breath, closed the door, shut the blinds and turned off the lights.
The girls looked at me.

“‘Oh’ was right. There’s a freaking shark in the freaking water. Hannah, find us some weapons to kick his ass with. Sarah, pull the curtain around Skyler.” I demanded. They did as I said and waited for the intruder. I had a pole, found randomly in a closet in the room. I waited by the door, just incase he decided to shoot the lock and barge in. If he did that, he wasn’t gettin out in one piece.


We waited for the stranger to enter the room but, thankfully he passed by. Then, we heard the door handle move. I looked at Chandler, she wasn’t doing it.

Turns out the lock on the door was broken. He entered the room, gun held high, ready to shoot.


We held our weapons high, ready to attack the man.
As I was about to smash him with a pimped out water bottle, he held his hands up signing me to to wait.

“Hi. My name is Frank Earl and this is a drill.” The man said, pulling his mask off to reveal his highly-charming good looks. Mm, me want some. He continued with his boring lecture as I admired his face..
“I’m 20 and I work at the police station, down on I35. So many hospitals have been attacked by..–” And I couldn’t listen anymore, his face was too dreamy. He’s twenty? I hope three years difference won’t kill him.


We all laughed in relief and thanked him for preparing us for what could happen.
“I was just about to kick his ass.” I said to Skyler, laughing.
“He was pretty attractive..”Sarah stated, looking off into her dream world. I snapped infront of her face and she jumped.
“Yeah, we all saw you checkin him out. I’m pretty sure he even saw it.” Skyler replied, trying not to laugh. It didn’t work.
“Was I drooling?” Sarah asked, embarassed.
“Luckily, you weren’t. Well, on my side you weren’t.” I told her, chuckling.

It was around eight o’clock at night when Skyler was able to come home, in a pimped out wheel chair. Since the earthquake totaled Hannah’ s house, she was staying at my crib. Well, all of them were. Hannah, her folks and her little brother, Timmy. Bleh, Tim.
Mrs. Poolay was in tears once again, because of her house. I felt really sorry for her and decided to give her a hug. She cried on my shoulder for maybe an hour. I had to change shirts.

Hannah and I went up to my room to see a note on the floor.
“What the hell.” I said to myself and picked up the pink sticky note. Molly always used pink stickies, even for notes in class.
I read it to Hannah, “I’ve got a secret, I may keep it, check the home for clothes or get alot more of what you have. Foes. -o”

Hannah covered her mouth in awe. As did I..
“Well, that’s a shitty poem, “Oh”.
We went to my closet to see Molly’s friendship ring on the ground. I remember the day we all made one. It had the first letter of our name on it and they were big. Like, Madonna big. We made them out of scraps of metal then, my dad welded them to shape as bigass rubies.

Hannah picked it up and looked at it. Molly messed up on hers and her M almost looked like an S. This was the legitimate ring she made. How the hell.. I looked at Hannah and back at the ring.

“Did you hear that?” Hannah said to me while looking at my window.
“Hear what?” I asked.
She walked over to the window, pulled the curtain to side and saw something written in lipstick.
Whats with this person and Molly’s favorite color of lipstick?
I walked over to the window, next to Hannah and read it.
Both of us looked around the room in panic. “Are there cameras?” Hannah asked anxiously.

“I’m scared.” I said to myself.

What do you think so far? Second half coming later today. Comment and tell me if you think he’ll shoot. And who would die? What did the writing say on the window? Comment and tell me what you think!

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1. Penny - August 11, 2010

Beautifully written! I can see why the words ‘baby, theres a shark in the water’ on your header now.. Im soo soo excited, EXCERVOUS actually for the second half. ๐Ÿ™‚

Layla - August 11, 2010

Haha, yeahh.
I’m glad you arree!! ๐Ÿ˜€

2. Sarah...x - August 11, 2010

Omg ๐Ÿ˜
I neeed to know what happens!!!!

Layla - August 11, 2010

Lolll, you’ll seeee!

3. Sarah - August 11, 2010

GAH, i need to know what happens next x’D
You and your cliff hangers are like this = โค

Layla - August 11, 2010

I know right?
I love seeing the feedback from you guys when I do a cliff hanger, haha! xD

4. Penny - August 11, 2010

Another cliffhanger… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Aww, I need to know whats written on Skyler’s window… :s.. I NEED chapter 8 soon.. Those cliff hangers, why do they leave me needing and desiring more.. =/

Layla - August 12, 2010

I love doing this to you guys!! ๐Ÿ˜€
Chapter 8 willlll be coming soon today ๐Ÿ˜›

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