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Chapter one

Title: Still thinking of one.
Chapter: 1

I opened my eyes violently. The rays of sun were pouring into my room and a mysterious red and blue light, flickering. I slumped out of bed to the window and saw cop cars. Three of them, in front of my best friend, Molly’s house. I jumped out of my pajamas and slipped into jeans and a t-shirt. Grabbed my phone and ran out the door, across the street to Molly’s house. As I walked up to the driveway, crime scene tape guarded the house. I ducked under the tape and ran to the front door. Police were everywhere, neighboors beyond the tape, their faces filled with concern and Molly’s mom, in tears, looking as like she lost her life.

Molly was my bestfriend since first grade. Her parents got a divorce way long before we had met but when you would talk to Molly, you could tell she was still adapting to not having a father. Molly would tell me stories of the wonderous adventures her dad and her had. How they would pain together, or how they would pretend the backyard was a dangerous jungle filled with treachery. But, nothing could harm them as long as they were together, hand in hand. Facing the danger. Around eighth grade the stories stopped and Molly grew out of not having a father. She put it in the back of her head, permanetely.
I shook my head, telling myself right now wasn’t the best time to have flashbacks and walked up to Ms. Jones, asking what happened. She couldn’t talk. All she did was collapse into my arms, shrieking with tears. All I could do is assume that Molly had been murdered. I teared up at the thought, but pushed it aside. Maybe she ran away? Or, maybe they were robbed? I told Ms. Jones I’d be right back, she hesitated to let me go, but dropped her arms and sat on the floor, head in her arms.
“Excuse me, Officer.” I said, wanting to know right now what happened.
“Yeah, lady?”
“Hi, I’m Skyler Williams, I live across the street, over there,” I pointed to my old, vintage house. “and I was wondering if you could tell me what happened here?” I was hesitant to ask, almost like, I didn’t want to know.
“Oh, your Molly’s bestfriend, huh? Ms. Jones told me Molly loved you like a sister.” The officer said, but I guess I gave him a look demanding to know what happened. No suger coating. “Eh, she was murdered last night.” The officer looked to the ground, then at me. Waiting for a response.
“Thank– you.” I choked out. Before I could tear up, I ran into the house and up the stairs, to Molly’s bedroom. As I was about to open the door, a detective stopped me.

“Ma’am, I know who you are. Skyler, right?”  I nodded, tears rolling down my cheeks, onto my neck and resting on my shirt. “I don’t think you’d benefit from seeing her like that.”
“But, I want to know how–” I cleared my throat. “I want to know how she di- died.” I wiped my cheeks and coughed. My heart was coming up my throat, wanting to be let out.
“I’m sorry to break it to you but,” He looked hesitant, like he knew there wasn’t going to be anything good about telling me this. “We don’t know how she died yet. ” I nodded, I teared up once again and listened for more.
“A man broke into the house, knowing where Molly’s room was. We’re proclaiming that the intruder had been stalking Molly for weeks or so. Because nothing in the hous was trashed. Only her room. And went straight to her room and attacked her. Molly gave a fight, she did. But, we still don’t know yet.” The detective man looked at me, and gave me a hug. I guess I looked like I needed a hug.
I smiled, thanking him for the hug. “Molly was the type of girl who never gave up. She would never go out without a fight. And if she lost the fight, she would tell herself that when another fight came around, she’d dominate.” I laughed, and flashed back at the moment she said that. She held her chin high and grinned. Then laughed. Molly was a beautiful person.

We planned to go to the same college together. Being sophmores meant alot of food on your plate. But, Molly could handle it. She was like superwoman.
Nightfall came as I was sitting on my bed, running through memories in my head when my mom walked in. Sat down next to me, and without words, hugged me as I began to weep.
“I’m gonna go make you some cookies, sweety. “I nodded and walked to the window. I covered my mouth as I watched men take away her body, in a body bag. I ran to the bed, layed down and closed my eyes. Waiting for cookies to warm up my heart.


I hope I’m not depressing you, guys. Ahah, what do you think will happen next? Give me some ideas, cause I’m improving all of this. 🙂 Comment and tell me what you think so far!
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1. Tianna - August 6, 2010

Woah, you are an amazing writer!

Layla - August 6, 2010

And thanks!! 😀

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