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Chapter nine

Title: Excervous
Chapter 9- I aint afraid of no ghost Part 2


A roar of engine startled me to a wake. I looked over at Chandler, who has still sound asleep. I pulled the covers off of my legs and proceeded to stand up.
I tried to be as quiet as I could until I tripped over a skate, tumbling to the floor violently.
“Dude, are you okay?” Chandler asked me, looking around to make sure no one was in the room. Even in daylight she was scared.
“I’m fine. But, today you turn17!” I exclaimed, while getting up to hug me.
“Eh, I’m nervous.” She confessed. “What if ‘Oh’ decides to crash the rave?”
“Nothings going to happen, Chan. We won’t let the person come near you at all.” Hannah said to me, holding my hand.
Chandler nodded. I had to side with Chandler. The truth was, I can’t wait to see what ‘Oh’ comes up with.


Hannah took me out shopping, for some reason. But, of course, I knew the reason. It was obvious. They were fixing up my party which is supposed to be a suprise. Hannah received a text and I got nervous. But, it wasn’t from the person I was expecting. Next thing I know, we’re pulling into Skyler’s house..there weren’t any cars parked near or on Sky’s driveway..weird.
Skyler’s two story house was pitch black and to tell ya the truth, I was scared. I turned on the lights expecting people to pop out, but instead there was writing all over the banners that stated ‘Happy Birthday Chandler’. It read “Happy birthday, Chandler. I hope you like being haunted. -0”
Then, Skyler and Sarah ran down the stairs yelling ‘Happy Birthday!’ but I couldn’t move. I couldn’t talk.

“Chan, aren’t you suprised?” Skyler asked, rethinking her plan.
All I could do was point. Point and breathe. They loooked to where I was pointing and gasped.

“Holy shit. How’d this happen? Is this a joke?” Hannah asked us.
“Hell no. I didn’t do this, Chan. I swear.” Sarah stated. I believed her.
Skyler walked over to the banner and tore it down. She was mad. She looked like she wanted to murder someone.

We all calmed down, sat down and ate cake while watching Daybreakers.
Right as the blood deprived vampires were about to be roasted and killed by the exposure of sun, there was a violent beat on the door. Hannah paused the movie and stood up. Since Skyler’s parents were out of town, it was just us. The door was hit again. I ran over to the kitchen to grab a rather large spoon and walked over to the window next to the door.

I pulled the curtain to the side and screamed.

I pulled the door open and attacked Nick.
“Happy Birthday, baby!” Nick told me, while hugging me as tight as he could.
As a reply, I kissed his lips gently and thought back to the day I first laid eyes on him. He was practicing football outside on the field, while the soccer team was warming up for a scrimmage. I was going in for the goal and kicked it slightly hard onto their part of the field. I ran to get it but he had already picked it up.
I slowed to a stop in front of him, and looked into his beautiful brown eyes.

I finally came back to reality when he picked me up into his arms and carried me into the house. We sat on the couch for a few minutes until the door bell rang. Hannah ran to the door, opened it and a flood of people washed into the house.
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHANDLER!” They all screamed at me. I laughed and glared at Skyler, Hannah and Sarah. They knew crowds overwhelmed me. But, who gives a shit? It’s Thursday with no school the next day. Tonight was going to be ballin.


I walked through the flood of people to find Derek, my love. I hugged him tightly and gave him a smooch on the cheek.
“So, how long is this party lasting?” Derek joked, he knew the party was all night. Smartass.
“Did anybody bring Chan presents?” I said to him, changing the subject.
“Hell yes. They’re all in the back of my truck.” He replied, looking into my eyes.
I laughed and looked around for Hannah and Sarah. Of course, they had boyfriends too. Chandler’s boyfriend was the star football player, he had brown eyes and luscious brown hair. While Hannah’s guy, Seth, had beach blonde hair with his ocean blue eyes. Then, there was Johnny, Sarah’s hunk, he had black hair with his crystal blue eyes and semi-tan skin. Last, Derek had dark brown hair with dark brown eyes. He was my everything.

I snapped back to reality when it was time to bring out the cake for Chandler. We gathered into the living room, with Chandler blindfolded and brought out the cake slowly. We sang happy birthday to her and she finally blew out her candles. After that, we danced. A random guy from school was our DJ, and he did his job perfectly.
I danced along with my bestfriends and my guy, feeling like nothing in the world could make this night bad.

I was wrong.

It is now updated! What do you think will happen? Is this a prank by one of the highschoolers? Whats going to happen? Last part of chapter will be up by Monday.



1. Sarah...x - August 15, 2010

omg, i want to know who was at the door!!!!!

Layla - August 15, 2010

You willllll soon! haha πŸ˜€

2. Sarah...x - August 16, 2010

I would of never expected it to be nick :O
I think that “o” may try and ruin the party!!

Layla - August 16, 2010

Muahaaha! I like keeping it a mystery πŸ˜€

3. Penny - August 17, 2010

I missed chapter 9-10, while I forgot to check… but Im really excited 4 your excervous part 2 w/ aditional 10 chapters.. :0 Great chapter, off to read chapter 10 now.. I wonder what`ll happen next.. O_o

Layla - August 17, 2010

Hehe πŸ˜€

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