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Chapter eight

Title: Excervous
Chapter: 8- I ain’t afraid of no ghost


I took a towel and wiped the words off the window.

“Someone was in the house..” I told Hannah, looking around her room.
“So, why does the person keep using lipstick?” Hannah asked anxiously, closing and locking her door.
“I think the person knows it was Molly’s favorite shade but,” I paused and looked around. “I think that, whoever is doing this, is a huge ginormous fan of Pretty Little Liars, the show.”

She gasped and sat on her bed. It all made sense
“They want to bring whatever’s going on in Pretty Little Liars to life?” Hannah asked me. I nodded. My birthday was two days ago, but the party is tomorrow..
“What if what happened on PLL, happens at my party tomorrow?” I asked Hannah. Worried as hell.
“No, they couldn’t go that far, Chan..” She replied, thinking of the possibilities. I pushed that thought to the back of my head and blew up the air mattress to put on my sister’s bed.

“Where did your sister go again, Chan?” She wondered. I missed Julie. Alot, once I thought about it.
“College in the United Kingdom.” I replied, sighing. Wanting this day to be over.

Hannah’s phone rang.
“It’s probably my mom..” She hoped outloud. I bit my lip.
“What you’re doing is gossip. I eat gossipers for dinner. -o”
“Holy shit.” I said outloud. I ran to the window, looked out and saw a figure running away. Wearing a black hood maybe..
“What did you see, Chandler?!” Hannah almost yelled, begging for information.
“I saw ‘Oh’.” I replied and sat emotionless on my bed. “Tomorrow will be better, Han..” I told her, trying to comfort her. “Lets hit the hay.”

She nodded and turned out the lights. I stared up at the ceiling, there were words written on my ceiling.
I got out of bed, turned out the lights and looked back up at my ceiling..
No words. No pictures. Nothing.

Was I getting paranoid?
I wiped the sweat of my head and turned off the lights.
“You ok, Chan?” Hannah asked me, worried.
“Yeah, yeah. I”m just getting paranoid, I guess..” I replied, as I layed down and stared at my ceiling.
I swore I saw something.. I pushed the thought to the back of my head and rested my eyes. Tomorrow will be better.

I can’t finish the whole chapter right now, but it’s updated, sort of. It’ll be done in maybe an hour or two? Gotta go have lunch with the fam.



1. Sarah...x - August 13, 2010

Omg. this just keeps getting better and better 😀

Layla - August 13, 2010

Glad you like it 😀
The other half will be posted tomarrow 🙂

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