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It’s Feburary February 20, 2011

Posted by Layla in Layla.

So basically, hi.

I haven’t blogged in how many months? And then, I said I’d be on my tumblr. Lol, wow. I lost the heart for tumbling when Winter Break, and well, lost the time? I’ve come to the conclusion that 8th graders are pretty busy. So yeah.

Now, for the update of my el life-oh:




  • I was in a relationship with someone, lets call him E, and we broke up Friday. The 19th would have made it three months. 😦
  • I got my hair cut again. It’s shorter? No pics right now, my webcam is being a whore.
  • Grade update: as always, A’s and B’s for the six weeks that ended Friday.
  • Spring Break I am going on a cruise! So ready. So so so sos sosososo ready.

So have you guys heard Lady Gaga’s new song? It’s okay. I have it on my iPhone, along with like 300 songs. I should really get a seperate ipod for all my shit, before the songs take over.
I guess since I’ve been in the Bahamas mood; I’ve been watching Couples Retreat alot cause of the setting (bahamas) and listening to Sean Kingstons since he’s like Jamaican and his music is like tropical or whatever. I’m so freaking ready to go on the cruise! Like, words cannot explain. Hahha. Anyways, I think there’s 3 weeks, including the upcoming week, until Spring Break. It’s so close, but yet so far.

Well, I’m gonna go sulk in self pity. Comment if you’re reading this and tell me what you’re going to do for Spring Break!



1. Tianna - April 17, 2011

Hi Layla! I haven’t talked to you in forever! D:
It’s Spring Break right now, and I’m just sitting on my butt and browsing the interwebs.

Fun fun fun! xD

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