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Blah August 25, 2010

Posted by Layla in Layla, Real Life, Story.

Hey guys. Sorry I havent posted ina few days. Today was my second day of school and it’s alright. I’m trying out for the volleyball team and the tryouts go until Friday. So hopefully I make it!

My friend Johnny proposed to me that he likes me. I told him to just give me a day or two. More like a day or two NOT to worry about it. So Friday, I’m in deep poo.

The lunch is FANTASTIC. Unlike my other school, there’s 3 places you can go to get food– pizza, chicken and Idk the other one haha.
As for the classrooms themselves, EVERY SINGLE CLASS IS COLD.

So, I’ve been wearing, like longsleeves and pants. It’s absolutely. TERRIBLE.
I’d like to tell you guys what Im taking. IS THAT OK?

I’m taking science, language arts, math 8 and not algebra, spanish (bleh) and of course, history. Then, I’m in Art 8, in this art we have to take tests on people with famous paintings and all that jazz. And in spanish, it’s for people who have already had a whollle year of spanish. Of course, most of you know, my spanish teacher at my old school didn’t teach. So, I dont really know anything. Bleh

But, enough about me. How’s your school classes going? Comment and let me know! I’ll be posting again maybe tomorrow, I dunno. Depends on the homeworrrk! Tooodles



1. CINDY ASHLEY MILLER - August 28, 2010

Congrats, on the team!!! 🙂

2. Sarah - August 29, 2010

i saw your recent post about making it 🙂 yay!

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