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There’s a place downtown where the freaks all come around August 16, 2010

Posted by Layla in Layla, Real Life, Story.

I’m sorry guys, I have to quit this blog.

I’m just kidding. I would never leave you guys. I love you!

So, basically. I’ve decided to finish Excervous. But, wait. There’s more! I’ll be doing TEN MORE chapters for Excervous Part 2! Yes, I’m not sure when. But, until then, I’ll be doing another mystery, and remodedling of the “A story” page, so keep a look out for that.

I’m so nervous about tomorrow. Because I have to take this Test for my new school to see whether I should be in regular math or Algebra. I’m hoping I’ll do good and get into Algebra, but I doubt I’ll be that good. My friend Nikki is in Algebra and my friend Hannah is regular math. So they’re both like, FAIL or PASS. I’m like, we’ll see how good I am haha.
Then, tomorrow we have the athletics meeting for school and Hannah is sleeping over too, so that’ll be fun!

Did I tell you guys it’s raining here for like the first time in maybe 3 months? Yeah. Ballin.Sperry Top-Sider "Bluefish" 2-Eye Linen Boat Shoes

So, we have a problem. I can’t wear my Sperries anymore, bitches. I had them for over a year and wore them like, everyday. Now, I can’t wear them. I mean, the Toms are good looking and everything. They’re reaally comfy too, but the sperries are now apart of my past. And hopefully my future. I talked to my dad about getting them and he said that we’re not buying them for like eighty bucks. But he did say we can order them off of Amazon. And usually, the products we’ve bought from Amazon have come in like a day or two. Like, my Harry Potter book set. It came in like 2 days. It was magic, dawg. My friend Hannah bought them from Shoe Carnival, they’re not exactly like mine. Like, for some reason there’s like 2 different types of tan ones. One with the hay looking stuff on the side or the ones with none of that. I like the ones with the hay thing on the side, which is presented in the picture right there, see it? I hope you do. So comfy.

It stopped raining. Poop 😦


It’s dinner time. Go read chapter ten, folks! Toooodley;smsksmks



1. Sarah - August 17, 2010

Woo, woo! I need to catch up on your story, so right after this i’m going to be commenting x’D And ah you have to take a test to learn if you in Algebra or normal math. In our school, we just automatically get Algebra, unless you got straight F’s in math before that year x’D

Layla - August 17, 2010

Hahaaaha nice xD

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