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You drunk foool August 14, 2010

Posted by Layla in Layla, Real Life, Story.

Instead of updating chapter 8, I did half of chapter 9. So, go read that one! And, I made an Excervous Info page, so go there if you don’t know anything about my book-in-the-making!

Hi guys, sorry Chapter 8 hasn’t been posted! I’m like, super sorry.
We went to eat out with my brother and his fiance and then we all went to the lake. Okay, so it’s story time. Put on your listening ears!

My brothers fiance invited some of her friends to go on the boat with us and they got here and stuff and we had fun and yay.
There was two guys and one girl. They were really nice to me and all. Erin, one of the dudes, Shay, another dude and Brittney. Erin had this waterbottle jug of coolaid looking juice, it was red. Then he poured this liquid, I think alcohol, into the coolaid looking stuff. He called it “death mix” and said something about blah blah inside out. I have no idea, haha. But, here’s the good part. He got drunk! It was so freaking hilarious, guys. We were getting off the boat to leave and he was staggering all over the place and mumbling. It was really funny, but then not funny 😆 And since you have to ride gocarts to get from the parking lot to the boats and vice versa.. I rode with my brothers fiance and we semi-crashed and I actually fell out. Like, my life flashed before my eyes. Good thing I had good reflexes, or else I would have been pancake. We all started laughing and it was funny cause right when I fell, I turned onto my ass and was like, “My ass!” haha.

And do you guys like the new header? I didn’t make the faces or anything, but I like it. I may change the text in the text bubble. I don’t know, I just wanted something unique, ya know? Hehe

I know you guys want chapter 8. I’m kind of being a lazy ass right now, I’m sorry. I’ll either finish it after this post or tomorrow morning, But I assure you, Excervous the book, is NOT done! I dont know when I wanna finish it, actually. Any suggestions?
Anyways.. I’m gonna go and wait for Degrassi to come back on, but of course, I’ll work on chapter 8. Keep checking the page for it! Comment and tell me if you’ve seen a drunk person and was it funny? 😛



1. Sarah - August 15, 2010

Bawha, sounded like you had fun x’D
Yesh, its funny watching people acting when their drunk 😆

Off to go read the chapter!

Layla - August 15, 2010

I had a blassst haha 🙂

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