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Soundtrack August 9, 2010

Posted by Layla in Layla, Real Life, Story.

Click here for Excervous’ fanpage! If your a fan of my story, go there and be baller.

Hi guys. I had this enormously fantastic idea.

So, since you guys LOVE Excervous so much, why don’t I make it’s own soundtrack?
Yes, where I find songs that relate to the story– your good at this game!

I know, this is a short post. I’ll post a longer one after I download the song in this commerical.

If you would be so kind to comment and let me know what songs you think would be good in the Excervous Soundtrack! 😀



1. Sarah - August 9, 2010

Ah, I’m addicted to the song in the commercial thing x’D And hmm what about the song, Secrets by OneRepublic. It’s a really good song 🙂

Layla - August 9, 2010


Hm, gooood one! I think I’m gonna make a page for it. So, if you have anymore, go there. I’ll update the post with the link 😀

2. willowbatel - August 9, 2010

Omg I’ve had this song stuck in my head for DAYS. I stopped watching Degrassi a few years ago because they were beginning to replace all the original cast. Before that I was SUPER into it. I own the first three seasons.
I’ll definitely have to come back and listen to this in the morning.

Layla - August 9, 2010


I had to download it onto my iphone, so I did. Along with all the songs from Grease. 😆
I watch degrassi everday. I’m obsessed, along with Pretty Little Liars which comes on at 9p central time on ABC FAMILY, channel 182.

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