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Boys August 7, 2010

Posted by Layla in Layla, Real Life, Story.


Hiya. Right now I’m at a friends house and sleeping over till tomorrow. So if you’re wondering why there’s no chapter six of Excervous thats why.

I’ll update it sometime tomorrow after I get home, and here’s what we did today:

  1. My friend and I helped out her parents’ garage sale.
  2. Then, we watched a scary movie with this boy, Travis, and yeah. He’s a 7th grader 😆
  3. Then we did a video and posted it onto youtube. If you wanna watch it, it’s at the bottom of the post folks.
  4. Then we went out to at this country bbq place hehe.
  5. Then we met up with this boy thats going to my school this year and he likes me and it’s excervous. :mrgreen:

Then, something horrible happened.

What, Layla? What could have happened that is so horrible?

I started my period.


Yeah. Now that were off that topic. I gotta say thanks to Sarah for the beautiful banners; I’ll get them clickable once I get home tomorrow and yeah. If you wanna check them out, click here and go to the Graphics page, then the finished page. And you’ll see them! They’re beautiful, Sarah! 😀

The boy we met with told me I was pretty.


Then he asked me what I thought if he wanted to ask me out. I said Hmm.


I told him to wait until school starts and maybe then– but only on one condition:
He has to ask me out in person. -dun dun dun.

I like him and stuff,  but I dont wanna get a  ‘reputation’ on my first day of schol.
So, I gotta scatt. Comment and let me know if boys make you nervous as I am. Cause he is making me nervous. Excervous, muaha. 😆



1. Sarah - August 7, 2010

Ah I started my . 3 days ago O.O
it sucks ass x’D
And I’m glad you like the banners:)
Gah boys make me nervous
I suppose to meet one tonight at this concert,
we’ve been texting for a while
i like him as a friend, he likes me as eh like like x’D
so i’m like eh x’D

Layla - August 7, 2010

Hahah, it does suckk.
And woww, ahah.
I hope you have fuuun at the concert 😀 and the banners ate fantasticc!

2. Douja - August 8, 2010

Oh my I remember when I started mine lol my friend thought she was dieing hehe, and who cares what others say about you let them talk.. give them somethin to talk about 😛 if you like him go for it!

Layla - August 8, 2010

Thanks, Douja, haha 😀

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