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Lets start a revolution. August 1, 2010

Posted by Layla in iPad, Layla, Real Life, Volleyball.

If any of you could make me a header. Something vintage-ey, cause I like that stuff. I’d most greatly appreciate it. I’m not having too much luck with headers, so yeah.

Howdy, folks! How’re ya’ll doin? Wow, that was an improper sentence. Or grammar? I’m not sure. Like the new header? I know right. I love it too!

I’ve been thinking about outrageous stuff lately. To be more specific: my future. What I want to be when I grow up, that kinda jazz. Before I begin the Layla Lecture, comment and tell me what you want to be when your grow up. I wanna know, cause I care. Okk, first on the list and these things don’t go in any order of important-ness, they should but discrimination isn’t really my thing. First is modeling. Second is singing, muaha. Third is a writer. I have a story behind that one. Okay, so my english teacher back at my old school heard that I wasn’t coming back this year and I think I was her favorite student. So, she called me up and told me, “Layla, you have so much potential. I’m sad that you’re not coming back this year, I really wanted to see you blossom into something bigger than what you are now. And what you have, Layla, is a gift. You can turn anything into a story. A funny story, a tear-jerking story, anything. You have that power to control the mood of the whole story and not everybody has that.” And blah blah. She was my favorite teacher. I teared up some when I wrote that.
So, yeah. I used to write pages of stories, staple them and then give them to my mommy. She still has them all, haha. Last is a professional volleyball player. Thats all.

And if your wondering what song “kiss me goodbye, I’m defying gravity”.. it’s from a special show and if you guess the right answer you get nothing. It’s from Glee and it’s called “Defying Gravity by Kurt and Rachel.” Yepperoos.

School starts back August 24th, folks. Well, for me it does. Atleast I’m going to know some people at my new school. Guys, I’m nervous about tryouts for club volleyball and for school. It’s like social suicide if you don’t make it for school and it’ll make me depressed to not make the Elite team. Okay, so the elite team goes to all the tournaments and the regional team only goes to like three or four of those, which sucks. So, yeah. I just have to keep practicing and stay positive. This is so nervewrecking bleh. Well, I’m gonna teepee your house.



1. sarah - August 1, 2010

hehe I want to work at google x’D or be a criminal lawyer oh yeah x’D

Layla - August 1, 2010

Ahah, I’ve been trying to find the perfect background, but no luck. I just used the same background as the last header I had on the theme tarsskkkki.
Ooh lala!
I need a new type of header

2. Amali - August 1, 2010

Being a writer is something I definitely want to do, too. I want to either be a doctor or a primary school teacher, but I want to write on the side or something.
Aw, your old english teacher sounds so nice! And it’s v. cute that your mum kept all your stories 🙂

Layla - August 2, 2010

I know right? Like, when you write a story or something else, you feel the power to do anything you want and/or go anywhere you want. It’s like your putting all your dreams and wishes onto a piece of paper.

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