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Total eclipse of the wonderful coffee July 31, 2010

Posted by Layla in Layla, Real Life, Volleyball.

Okay, so whats up with the title? I mean, seriously. Whats going on? Well, basically I’m trying out for a club called Texas Eclipse on Saturday, August 21st and I’m about to crap my pants. I’m nervous as hell. And for the next part of the title, I’m drinking my caramel mocha frappacino from starbucks. So delicioso, ya know?
Lets talk Glee, cause Im listening to Glee music. To be specific, it’s Defying Gravity with Rachel Kurt. Did you guys see the most recent episode of Glee where Rachel was given the part of something and Kurt wanted it, then he told his dad then his dad went to the principal accusing him of discrimination then they said that they were gonna have a competition. But, Kurt purposely missed the high F note to loose so Rachel won, yay! Lea Michele is a wicked awesome singer, ya’ll agree? You better.

If you guys listened to my voice post, the one below this, (if you haven’t listen to it, then come and read this part homies) you know that I didn’t wanna go to the volleyball practice because I was too lazy to get off my ass. But of course, I went. And had alot of fun! There was this one girl who was a senior or junior and had a scholarship to play volleyball all throughout college. And I’m taller than her. But, here’s the catch. She jumped so high and so, awesome-ly. Her hits were so hard they went straight down and bounced as high as fifty of my stacked ontop of eachother. She was like a Destinee Hooker (the best outside hitter of the Lady Longhorns, also my favorite player and known role-model) but smaller and younger. I was in awe, and so were all the other girls! Don’t know who Destinee H. is? Here’s a video of her killing that poor ball.

Destinee is the tall girl, on the left. And yes, thats where I plan to play my games at college. And yes, I’ve been to that stadium. It’s 20 minutes away! And you can see how amazing she is, like superwoman! 😆

So yeah, thats pretty much it. I smell. Just got back from volleyball and taking a shower in 10 minutes. I smell like dog. Ewjhdsfjhsdfu, gross. Question for youuu: What sport do you play? Or do you not play any sports at all? If you did play sports, would which you think you’d be good at? Tell me, yo. Well, I’m gonna go watch Degrassi reruns until 9:30, toooodles!



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