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Cinnamon toast is goood July 29, 2010

Posted by Layla in iPad, Layla, Real Life.

9PM- We’ve hit 2,000 hits folks! Hurrray 😆

-Mood: calm
Cher- Do you believe in life after love
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I just had cinnamon toast cause I just woke up. It’s just my opinion but, I’m ready for school to start. I’m so ready for it. To me, summer is a jackpot of a lot of weekends. You know?
I was touring around Douja’s tumblr ,just looking at some of the pictures she’s put on there. And I love them! They’re so true and realistic. I mean, not the way they look. But like, the message they send out. Here’s one for example. Don’t criticise what you don’t understand. So, yeah. I don’t know how you find these awesome pictures, Douja, but good job! They do a good job at inspiring.
So I have a story to tell you guys. So gather around on the story telling rug and put on your listening ears. Or cap. I don’t remember.

Here’s my story, hope you hate it. Just kidding.

It all started in first grade. Yes, first grade. I met the best gal on the planet. Sarah. We were compatible in every way. We both played soccer and went to eachothers games and we would  get snow cones after each game. We both loved the same flavor- strawberry. And I remember the best time we shared together was going on a cruise with both our families! Yes, it was my first cruise with my best friend. Seven days of heaven. After that, the months past by fast and before I knew it, it was my birthday! I invited my two best friends, Megan and Sarah. Sarah and I never missed eachothers birthday since first grade. It was my 12th birthday and the birthday Sarah fell off the face of the planet. Sarah’s mom didn’t want her coming to my birthday for some odd reason. She made up an excuse like, how Sarah promised her friend that she’d come to her choir thing, when I know her mom knew today was my birthday. I automatically cried. It was a tradition for Sarah and I. A tradition that we wanted to keep going until the end. A tradition to take into college. We promised eachother we’d go to the same college, actually. University of Texas, baby. After that day, my mom didn’t like Sarah’s mom that much. So what did that mean for us? No hablas or no talking. Then, here comes the miracle, people. I was looking in my old address book when I found Sarah. I found her old number and thought, what the hell and called it. A lady answered and said, “hello?” I hung up. I assumed they moved and that was the current owner of the number and house. I was wrong? The day after I did that, the lady called back. And guess who that lady was? Sarah! Yes, how miracle-like is that people? We talked for an hour or two, trying to catch up. Sarah told me she moved a few minutes away and that she shrunk in height and I told her I still live where I did back in first grade and I grew alot. I told her I still have my dog, Reba and that we got a new dog. It was like, fate. That moment I knew that I had to stay connected or we’d never talk to eachother again. She was my first real bestfriend, ya know? So today I’m calling her back again, hoping we can talk more. I told my parents about it last night, and I told them how much I missed my bestfriend. Do you know how many times I’ve cried? I shared everything with that girl and then one day it’s all gone. Bleh. Hopefully we can restore the years we’ve lost. Ahah, and thats my semi-depressing story. I hope I didn’t bore you, or make you cry. :mrgreen:

Comment and tell me your story? Have you ever lost a valued amigo? Tell me! And what’re you guys doin today (or the day your reading this post.) ? 😀






1. sarah - July 29, 2010

awhh how cute,
oo my name is sarah x’D hahah.
i just had banana bread.
and today im trying to recover from
last night party i went to ahah x’D
awhh and i check out douja’s tumblr.
i love them too (:

Layla - July 29, 2010

Ooh haha. A party, ooh lala. Parties are fun. And i know right? I don’t know how she finds them, but she finds the fantastic ones! xD

sarah - July 29, 2010

haha i’m going through pages and pages still looking at her little quotes still (:
let’s say i drank the drink monster at the party.
and crashed the next morning x’D

Layla - July 29, 2010

I did that allll yesterday! And monster makes me crash too, haha. It makes me go insane 😆

2. sarah - July 29, 2010

woo monster x’D so how’s life?

Layla - July 29, 2010

Great! I need to go shoppping for jeans so i can cut them into shorts. It’s a hundred degrees here in texass! 😆

sarah - July 29, 2010

hahah, the weather here in california is all bipolar x’D
it was like sunny, and then it turned into a big thunder storm within 30 mins.
it was weird O.O
i need to go shopping too, stupid back to school shopping x’D but i actually like shopping for clothes just not school x’DD

Layla - July 29, 2010

Oh gosh i can’t wait for winter! To us texans, in the winter it’s cold. I prefer the cold over the heat. I wish i lived I Cali, it musstt be awesome. I actually don’t go shopping unless it’s absolutely needed. In any other case, i pass ahah.

3. Douja - July 29, 2010

Haha glad you liked it! I try to send inspiration your way 🙂

4. sarah - July 29, 2010

haha (: i like the hot weather not the cold x’D i wanna visit texas 😀 i think i may during the summer with my uncle. and hehe x’D

5. Layla - July 29, 2010

You’d love texas! We have the only schlitterbauhn in the usa, ahah. And i only like the cold weather cause it gives me a reason to wear jeans. Which i can’t do in the summer 😦

sarah - July 29, 2010

awhh ): i wear shorts 24/7 x’D haha whenever i can.
except sometimes not during school because of the dress
code where they have to be past your knee. so like capri (:
annd ooo then i can’t wait for texas :DD

Layla - July 29, 2010

Yeahh. I like wearing jeans, converse and occasionaly a teeshirt. I recently got toms shoes and they’re like, so comfy. 😆

6. sarah - July 29, 2010

Ooo i want toms so badly x’D and i wear converse too 😀

Layla - July 29, 2010

I has green and gray ones, i love em! And i can’t wear my converse with shorts or anything. Since my feet are big, they’d look like platforms. /:

sarah - July 29, 2010

awh :p i have black ones x’D
i have been getting same ones for the past four years x’D

Layla - July 29, 2010

The black ones are cute!
Its my first year with toms and im in love xD

7. Douja - July 29, 2010

Texas is too awesome! We have soo many places to chill during the summer, 6 flags, schilterbaun, wax museum, blah blah blah

Layla - July 29, 2010

True that, true that

8. Skydancer (Guardian Angel) - July 29, 2010

So did you ever find out why she “dropped off the face of the planet” and why your Mom didn’t like hers any more?

One of my best friends tried to rob me and I found out she was a meth addict. Another one DID rob me and I found out she was a crack addict. Another one got jealous because I fell in love with somebody when she was in love with me (I didn’t know!). Yeah. I hope you do a lot better with your relationships than I have! 🙂 Another one: Well, he and I just kind of lost touch. I’m not sure why.

But I have one bff left who is my life! We’ve known each other for 21 years and we celebrate our “anniversary” every year (which just happens to be the same date as her son’s birthday!)

Layla - July 29, 2010

Well, my mom was mad at Sarah’s mom because she was trying to end Sarah and I’s friendship. Sarah’s parents were and are, still probably, very mean and I’m serious. Even when I would go over to her house, she’d hit Sarah and smack her, yell at her etc. In front of me! And Sarah would always tell us not to take her home when she came over. 😦
So basically, her mom didn’t want Sarah talking to us about whats going on at home.

And wow, meth and crack! Wowzers, thats hardcore. And she robbed you? That’s mean.
Yeah, I don’t think Sarah and I will ever be able to hang out until she can sorta ‘escape’ and then we could start where we left off. 21 years, thats a loooong time. I hope I stay friends with someone for that long, haha :mrgreen:

Skydancer (Guardian Angel) - July 30, 2010

Awww! That’s SOOO sad! 😦 That’s child abuse and I’ve known some parents like that! Just remember her always and stick by her no matter what or how long it takes! 🙂

Layla - July 31, 2010

It’s hard to stick by her when her parents don’t want any relations between us. Im scared to call back cause I might get her in trouble /:

Skydancer (Guardian Angel) - August 2, 2010

Can you contact her online? It’s not to hard to create fake email addresses (you can easily make fake gmail email addresses) and web sites so you could contact her without her parents knowing it’s you.

Layla - August 2, 2010

She doesn’t even have access to the internet. It’s like her parents are isolating her 😦

Skydancer (Guardian Angel) - August 2, 2010

Oh no! It sounds like she’s suffering serious child abuse! 😥

You might consider contacting social services! 😦 It’s a last resort but sometimes it has to be done 😦

9. Ari - July 29, 2010

Thanks for the miniclip link. I haven’t been on there in a very long while. I might even check out some of the games 😀

Layla - July 29, 2010

You should add me:
Had that account since ’04.
I play it everyday.
See you around there, Ari! 🙂

Layla - July 29, 2010

Oops, I meant ’07*

10. Ari - July 29, 2010

Meh, I don’t even have an account lol. I’m playing Dino Strike

Layla - July 29, 2010

You should try On the Run and Monster truck nitro 2 and skywire 2 and bloxorz and dino run and stunt pilot. Yeah, you should play all those 😆

Ari - July 29, 2010

I just finished DS. Omg, that evil professor dude took too long to die!!! I had to keep attacking him with the flying kick lol. I think I’ll try those next ha

Layla - July 29, 2010

If my mom would let me, i’d play miniclip all day like a nub.
Just so awesome 😆

11. Ari - July 29, 2010

It is pretty addicting :]

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