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Hello sir, could you please inform me about your glorious selection of fat free yogurts? July 27, 2010

Posted by Layla in iPad, Layla, Real Life.

– Balla’, shock colla’

Heyo! Well right now I’m on my momma’s laptop on this internet browser called Safari. Like the safari where you explore the jungle in big groups and/or the internet browser on iphones, ipads, itouches etc. It’s pretty dandy and it makes the screen or whatever look all fancy. It makes me feel like I have a mac when I don’t 😦 You know what I just noticed? It doesn’t have tabs, gosh darnit. I’m waiting for the new episode of Pretty Little Liars to come on at 9pm. I’m like, so bored guys. I was thinking about replacing the Song Sunday page with a movie review page? Like, I’m siked about making reviews on movies. I wanna so bad. What do you guys think? Do you think it would be a waste of time? But, I’d only update it when I saw a movie in the theater. Not at home. So, the first movie review, for instance, I’d make would be for Inception. So, I think I’m gonna do that. So just look for that. And I’m doing a website review thingy. Where you put in stuff and yeah. Idea from and inspired by Ekaya* or Emily! So basically they’ll be in the same page, but on a different page? Hopefully that makes sense? Yeah, it does for me cause I said it. Holy crrrap, PLL is on and I’m gonna go watch it while I change around the page!  Hope you guys’ summer is going well so far! I know I’ve said that alot of times, but I can’t think of anything else yo. The nun says she made free cupcakes. Woopie. Ahishdidh tooodles!



1. sarah - July 28, 2010

awh safari has tabs, i would know cause im on safari and i have like 20 tabs hehe i over use the tab usage.
ah pretty little liars new show last night was so good (: what did you think of it ?


Layla - July 28, 2010

Ahah. I sometimes use firefoxxx. and I thought last night’s show was hella good. I can’t wait for next tuesday! I wish it was everyday, ya know?

sarah - July 28, 2010

hehe i wish that it was on every night too (:

Layla - July 29, 2010

We should complain to abc family, hehe 😆

2. Douja - July 29, 2010

Safari and google chrome are the best, and this is completely random, but what in heck is a fighting buffalo? lol you wrote it on your site and I was imagining a buffalo in ninja attire haha

Layla - July 29, 2010

Hahah i like water buffalos and yeah. The ‘home of the fighting’ thing is random. 😆

3. sarah - July 29, 2010

Ah i forgot to respond to last comment didn’t see it x’D
but i know we should x’D haha but the first season would be like done within 2 weeks. and then we have to wait months and months for the next season D:

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