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Hi I like skype. It’s fun July 21, 2010

Posted by Layla in iPad, Layla, Real Life.

Skype is like the best creation out there, yo. I’ve met so many baller people. I’m saying this cause I just got done with a call with a pal.
Today’s been boring. I went to Acl, talk to my buddy, took a shower and then in an hour or two, I have to go to the dcotor. Bleh. Checkup, I think? Yeah. Grosss. There’s not really much to talk about right now. Except that I’m ready to go back to school. What? Yeah, I wanted it to be summer so badly until it came and now I’m bored. Atleast my mom doesn’t get mad at me everyday for staying at home. Last year I couldn’t stay at home alone and she always got mad at me for wanting to go home when we were out. What I do nowadays is when I don’t wanna go, I just tell her nah I’ll stay home and sleep. And she’s like okay, sure. But, inside her head she’s like “yay, free time!” and I’m like “yay, sleep time!” So yeah. I don’t know what to talk about. I’m gonna be an 8th grader. If thats exciting at all. Not really? It’s just a little big harder than 7th grade. The girls are bitchier, the subjects are harder and the boys are hotter? That pretty much sums up going up another grade level. Unless you were held back, then that doesn’t apply to you. Sorry 😦 It’s funny cause, when I add pictures in my posts, I have to make sure I write enough to like, cover them and make them warm with words. Like I need to write and fill up the space in between and some below the picture. It’s a OCD thing I’m guessing? What do you think, haha. Or if I’m desperate and have nothing to write, I pull the picture up and it looks like I typed alot when I really didn’t cause I cheated and pulled up the picture. Wow, that was the longest sentence. What did they call a sentence with no comma or period? I don’t remember. Summer really drains all the smartness outta ya, don’tcha think? I’m almost done covering the picture. I just need like, maybe three hundred more words? Yeah, probably. But that’s just a terrible guess. Hm, what can I talk about? Ooh! Whats you guys’ favorite youtuber? Here’s some options to pick from: iJustine, OlgaKay, Shanedawson, Onision? Which one do you guys like? Or have you never watched their videos? You stupid ass, go on youtube! Sorry, that was mean 😦 I apologize, my friends. Bad layla, BAD. I punished myself by pinching my arm. It hurt and now I has red spot. I hope you guys are happy, you know that? Yaaay, I covered the picture! That means I can stop typing now.
Well, blah. I have nothing to talk about. Tell me what your gonna do this week. I wanna expirience your life instead of mine! Haha, that makes me sound petiful. Doesn’t it? Guys, is it weird that I have the ghostbusters song on my iPod? I mean it’s catchy and all, and I know every line in both movies. Is that weird too? My brother and I are Ghostbuster fanatics. It’s a sibling thing 😀 I’d crumble and die without my big bro. He’s like, my world! I love him so much. Anyways, I’m gonna go get ready to go to the doctors. Blehbsjkdhiweu gross. Comment or die, byee. Heheheehe.



1. sarah - July 23, 2010

skype is the best :3 and my mom does the same thing.
ah hmm i like ijustine and shanedawson the same xD
i choose to comment then die xDDD tehee.

Layla - July 25, 2010

Ahah. I love skype!
Aw, okay. xD Hahaaaah.

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