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July 19, 2010

Posted by Layla in Layla, Real Life.

This post is so important that I didn’t have time to make a title. Yet I had time to make this long, un-needed title. Just read, por favor.

I’m in a pickle and will you help me? This isn’t a laughing pickle. It’s a ‘I made a regreted mistake’ pickle. Last year or 7th grade, I went to this private school that was a living hell. I was there since fourth grade. I was bestfriends with a girl named Jordan. She was my best friend. Last month or a month ago, I decided to wipe her off my mind forever cause she was hanging out with one of the bitches at my school. The ‘goodey-two-shoes-God-brainwashers’ club they had there. And I got mad cause I hated it, and Jordan said she did too. I hate everyone there, the teachers, students etc. It was so bad. But, Jordan always was there for me when a teacher was bitchy to me. And I was there for her. So, I purposely deleted her off of Facebook, ignored her calls, deleted her off my contacts and went on with life. But, today at dinner I was talking to my daddy about it and I told him, “Dad, I think I made a big mistake with Jordan.” And he said that it doesn’t matter who she hangs out with, cause it won’t effect me. All our friendship is about is me and her. No one else. And that opened my eyes. I felt like a total mean person. I cried for an hour, then proceeded to call her. She probably hates me, but I left a message. I started crying in the middle and told her to call me. Then I went on facebook and sent her an apology letter. And heres what I said.

jordan ,
for i am writing this message in the form of an apology.
i was a douche, and a bitch, and a llama thats constipated and had too many laxatives.
i am sorry.
you’ve been my friend since fourth grade and never let me down. but i let you down. and i apologize.
i’ll understand if you don’t want any part of me, and i’d think of that too if i were in your shoes.
but i can’t go past the fact that we went through hell together. staying by eachothers side every moment. lifting eachother up when someone pushed us down. and that i will never forget.
i called and left a message. whenever you can, call me back.
i hope your summer is great. cause mine is boring. i’m just doing this acl training camp. and i’m being a lazy fat albert eating all the time. yeah. i miss you. reply if you value my sanity.
court jester, jdosdjsdo
layla jasmine elwmaknmdsakl
Hahah. I call myself a court jester cause in class I’d write her a note inviting her to come over and I’d roll it up and tie it like a scroll. And before I gave it to her, I danced like a court jester. The good ol’ days 😦
So can anyone give me some advice? What should I do next? I know I shouldn’t harass her with calls and messages. I’ll let her go at her own pace. Hopefully she’ll give me some replies. And I think this whole problem opened my eyes. At how precious friendships are and how quick they can go away. I’m sad. I’m gonna go sulk in self pity while watching Men in Black. I made a new header. Cause making headers is fun and I have no life and I was bored. Jpwiwkxoi2i23887saklas


1. sarah - July 19, 2010

awh D: i wrote someone a letter once i lost her like a month ago. she responded within a couple minutes and said im crying. ill talk to you later about this. and i was like hmm. so she wrote an hour later. saying how much she miss me D: and we become friends again. not best friends though. i wish :/

i think you should just wait. because i think she needs some time to think. but if it’s been a month then she defiantly has read it and she just wont respond D: then i would talk to her in person. :p

Layla - July 19, 2010

Thank the lordddd. She called me back like thirty minutes after I called her and said that she wasn’t mad. Only upset. And that she missed me! I’m like, extatic. Thanks for the adivice, Sarah (: It really helped me!

sarah - July 19, 2010

ohmygosh yay and your welcome (:

Layla - July 19, 2010

Hahaah. yay πŸ™‚

2. Skydancer (Guardian Angel) - July 19, 2010

Your Dad was right that you shouldn’t let your friends relationships with your friends have anything to do with your relationship with them. Accept or reject people according to how YOU feel about them and let other people work out their own relationships.

But it sounds like you got things squared away so my advice is just redundant. πŸ™‚

It’s good that your Dad was able to teach you this very important lesson! πŸ™‚

Layla - July 20, 2010

Yeah. I was suprised at my dad saying it because I didn’t think he understood who she was hanging out with. But, I was wrong. Dad’s are awesome πŸ™‚
And thanks for commenting. You helped me too! πŸ™‚

3. Douja - July 23, 2010

Layla you did the right thing, but in the end it is her choice to either take the apology or ignore it. You made a choice to ignore her in the beginning so she can either feel resentful for that and hate you or she can forgive and forget as a real friend, only time will tell. But I think you should just leave it as is now, let time take its toll and see how things go, only reply when she talks to you no need to harass or anything

Layla - July 25, 2010

Ahah, thanks Douja! πŸ˜€

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