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Posted by Layla in Layla, Real Life.

Yeah, why is everyone leaving all of a sudden?
I guess in the last three weeks when I was gone, everyone got depressed cause I wasn’t posting and quit. πŸ˜†

Hah, no. But seriously, does anyone know why people are leaving? First, I see Tianna gone. And that girl was the bomb, like ziggity. And then! Ariadne or Ari or Auntie Anne, is gone. I’m like, eh 😦 I’m not leaving, yo.

It’s 10:46 and I should be sleeping. This Carrie Underwood music is getting me all hyped up and ready to slap someone. It’s before he cheats and it makes me wanna karate chop some boys ass. It’s so intimidating, ya know? Did I even spell intimi- whatever, right? Oh well, who cares. It’s the internet, right?
And would you please notice the beautiful piece of artwork at the top of the page? Yesm, thankyou. It is hand crafted and it is wonderful. I made it myself, yes. And yes, there are lyrics to my song. Layla by Eric Clapton. Know it? Fantastic, lets be Clapton fanatics. Don’t know it? Go learn the lyrics and tell me if you like the song. I wanna know.

I’m pretty bored. I cannot wait until tomorrow. For some reason, I just am excited. Maybe it’s cause I get another crappy shirt to wear when we go out to dinner or maybe it’s that my niece is leaving. Sorry, three weeks of a 12 year old blonde girl from Kentucky with an attitude just gives me a rash. And a jammed finger. From volleyball. Bleh. My life is terrible, isn’t it? Hah, I’m kidding. Sorta.

For some reasfunny-jim-careyon, I’ve had the urge to save my money for an iPad. But you guys know me. If I had money, I’d spend it on itunes cards like snap. And I’d think you’d have to pay for the internet each month? I unno. But, I want one real bad. I wish they had the iBooks on the iphone. I’d say save my money for books on that sucker. Ooh! I was just reminded of something. Yess! I did it, yay. I’m currently reading the Harry Potter series. Yes ma’am and or sir. I’m on the Prisoner of Azkaban right now. It’s mildly fat, but the last two books are like totally obese. Like, it’s not even funny. Well, it’s kinda funny. I’m excited though! The books are hella better than the movies for sure guys. My dad bought the whole series. They’re fresh outta the printer, baby. And it was from scholastic on Amazon and it even came in that fancy harry potter box for the books. (I’ll post a pic later) It costed fifty bucks. I promised my dad I’d read the whole series. And I’m almost done, yays. You know what? My dad should give me five dollars on each book I read.

Now that I think about it. My dad would never do that. I’d read books like a bat outta hell. Hah, wow. My mom says that. Is that bad? I dunno. My moms a redneck from Kentucky, hah. She’s a freak. I love her. I’m so much like her like it’s not even funny. Wow, I’m typing alot. HI. I’m hyper.

Does anyone listen to Cascada anymore? I do. She’s awesome. Her songs rock. Like a shoe in a rock. Or a rock in an ear. I had a pebble in my ear once. I went to the doctor and it fell out when I tilted my head violently. Yeah, it was awkward. Well, I have nothing better to do than continue this post on forever, but it’s 11:17pm and I have to wake up early. I think I’ll hit the hay- wait, nah. I’m gonna research the iPad yo. Ooh. My mommy said we’d get one when the prices and the wants for iPads go down. Bleh, it’ll probably go down in like 289383 years. I can’t wait though. What do you think of Apple and their heavenly technological creations? Tell me, homies. Peace out boyscout or girlscout. Or- bye.



1. Sarah - July 19, 2010

heyy (: and i know everybody is leaving D: i think Ari is on a break, well hopefully D: and gorgeous header i like glee too xD btw what editor do you use to make your headers? and i’ve decided im staying. i guess after reading post after post of people leaving made me miss them and have a feeling of leaving D:

Layla - July 19, 2010

Yeah, Ari is on hiatus 😦
And thanks, Saraaah! I just use picnik, hah. I find a background on google and edit it completely on picnik.com πŸ™‚
I’m staying too! I love blogging like, alot. I have no life, hahah πŸ˜€

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