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This would happen to me June 23, 2010

Posted by Layla in Layla, Real Life.

Yess’m, this would happen to me folks. So, I told you guys that my niece is coming this Saturday and staying two weeks. I didn’t? I don’t remember, oh well.  You know now. So basically, I’m sick. We think I have the flu? 😳 And that would answer why I threw up at acl. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, you should have paid attention, psht. Click here to read what I’m talkin ’bout, yo. Since I’m offically ‘sick’, I have to keep a record of what I’m doing or what my temperature is. Yawn. Well, yesterday it was 100.1 and today, or well, at 5:30 this morning, it was 99.9. So you get the picture, eh? 😆

So about the domain thing. I talked to my dad and told him I have a blog and yadda yadda. He wasn’t upset or anything, which was a total suprise to me. He even told me he could help out the html and css stuff if I needed it. I’m just like, sitting there reading the email he sent to me with my jaw dropped in awe. Hahah, my dad’s apparently very supportive in the blog world. 😀 And right now he’s yelling at the tv. I guess Algeria and US play today; alot of yelling fersure, homies. Back to what I was saying, muah hah hah. So I told him that I would try to get money to pay for it, each year? Like, 8.88 per year? Or the first year? I have no idea, I haven’t even picked out a domain yet. I have no idea what to choose. So, if you readers would kindly comment below what you think would be good for a domain name for me, I’d greatly appreciate it gracias 🙂

My dad is like, seriously yelling. He’s like, “AHH, TIP IT. TIP IT, YOUR FIVE FEET AWAY FROM THE GOAL. POKE IT.” I’m sitting in my playroom like, wide eyed, is someone dying in there? My dad gets too into it sometimes, it’s rather funny. I really haven’t even watched any of the games, cause I have no interest in soccer. I used to play it though, but I got sick of it. It was like, a war for me to change soccer to volleyball. I ‘unno why I didn’t like soccer, but something about the coaches I practiced with just repelled me. First, they wouldn’t let you have alot of water breaks and you would almost die of dehydration. Second, they pushed you way too hard. I was only, maybe eight years old? And they would tell you if you wanna be good you have to this and that and blah blah. I was like, whatever skunkbag, lets get this over with.

For the past two nights, I’ve been waking up at the exact same times. Which is weird. Tuesday night I woke up at 3am and went back to sleep. Then, woke up at 5am. Went and got parents cause, of course, feeling hot and sweaty cause I’m sick ew. Got medicine, went back to sleep or tried. Last night I did the exact same thing. Except I took my temp and it was 99.9, blechswytw. I hate being sick, it makes me feel like terd. I have to get well before my niece comes this Saturday, why? Cause I don’t wanna just sit around the whole time. I doubt she’ll be able to come down again until next summer. 😦 She’s a year younger than me and almost like me, hahah. She likes to sing, and be like, super psychotic or crazy. 😆 But, she likes rollercoasters, and I can’t stand the sight of them. Gosh, I don’t like anime. I have no idea why, it just annoys the heck out of me. It’s like, weird faced people with unreal spiky hair that can open up red and white power balls to retrieve a specific monster that can help them win monster fights? Wait, that’s pokemon 😳 Oh well, I’m eating poptarts. Cinnamon sugar is hella good. Nap time, adios! 😀



1. Ari - June 23, 2010

Hope you get better 😀

I’m glad your dad is supportive about the whole blogging thing 🙂 My parents don’t know much about my blog or that I even have one lol. But I think they knew about my CP blog a few years ago XD

I admit, I get a little too involved with the World Cup too lol. USA won today 😀 I don’t blame your dad though hehe. I find myself jumping and yelling when I’m watching the games too XD It’s pretty fun haha


😆 idk

Layla - June 23, 2010

Thanksss. Being sick sucks.
And, I’m glad too! I thought he would flip out and be like. THE INTERNET WORLD IS FAR TOO DANGEROUS NOO. But, he’s actually like, sweet Layla.

Hahah, yeah my dad was like TIP IT, DONT RUSH IT. JUST GOT FOR IT BLAHABJSNSJNA. It was scary 😡
Ooh lala, discolights. Me likeeyy! 😀

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