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Call me john travolta June 21, 2010

Posted by Layla in Jordan Witzigreuter, Layla, Real Life.

Today has been the worst day in my entire life. I think? I unno. All I know is that I have a funny story to tell all of you and it may get nasty.

Warning: Not appropriate for children

Barf. Puke. Vomit. What the shit? Has anyone done any of those lately? Tell me, I don’t wanna feel lonely. Beginning story mode now: okay, so this morning was like any other morning. Getting up at 7 for ACL training. What a joy! Too tired and lazy to get cereal, I get a juice pack and a donut. Smart, ain’t it? They both felt good going down, 😛 So my dad drives me to where we practice or whatever and drops me off. We get started and stuff, then later in I start feeling tired and dizzy. I ask them if I could sit down, obviously they say yes. So I rest for a few, self-conscious about whether people think I’m a wussy. So I get back into what they’re doing, next thing I know I get that feeling again. I’m like, what the hayull? But, I still push myself to stay in it. So, I’m standing there waiting for my turn. Out of nowhere, I get that feeling I’m gonna puke. It’s going up my throat and I’m like holy crap, what the fudge. So I run to the grass and puke yay.

Thats all my story. Tell me about when you puked or fainted. So I don’t feel lonely 😦 So I applied for some domain thing on bubble.nu.
I’m supposed to get an email if I’m accepted or whatever. If anyone knows how this works, comment and let me know? Cause I’m like wingin it here, people. Well, I fixed myself easy mac n cheese cause I feel like terd. Also, I applied for the domain of noodley.net. How hella cool is that? I like noodles heheh. :mrgreen: Do you like noodles? Tell mee.



1. Ari - June 21, 2010

Bleh, that sucks! Hope you’re feeling better!

I’ve never puked in public before and I’ve never fainted either lol. But I hate vomiting, it’s gross and annoying and it hurts. I could never be bulimic XD

I was going to apply on bubble.nu but I’m learning html/css so that’s gonna have to wait haha.

Layla - June 22, 2010

Aw, thanks. I thnik I’m getting sick or whatever. I had a low grade fever 😦
Yeah, it wasn’t that embarassing cause I don’t get embarassed easily. I just started laughing, cause it was out of nowhere xD

Yeah, I guess I’m not doing things in the right order. I just wanna buy the domain from namecheap and get it hosted on bubbble. nu or whatever. Emily is helping me out some 😀
But, first I gotta get my parents to buy it. Which will be, i dunno, maybe hard? Depends on how much a year it is. If it’s like $9 a year, or less, then I’m sure they’ll let me do it. It’s gonna be confusing though /:

I should start learning all the css and html. Hahah 😛

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3. Douja - June 23, 2010

Oh I have been there so many times, you’re a trooper though. When I see someone throw up I can’t help but follow suit, like a crazy chain reaction hehe. Oh and good luck learning html it is something I have NO clue about!

Layla - June 23, 2010

Hahah. Me tooooo! I’m like, eh bleh sjndsjdn.
And thanks. I’m hoping that I could just order one. We’ll see what happens, hahah 😀

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