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I’m LAYLASAUR June 15, 2010

Posted by Layla in Layla, Real Life.

So I experimented with the word dinosaur and layla, and came up with laylasaur. Well, thats gay don’t you think? Hahah, I have some cheese sandwhich worthy news:

I got my old password from my old website.

What the? You had an old website, Layla? I bet you asked that in your head, I know you did. Why, yes, little girl, or boy, or random old man stalking me from over the internet. (If my mother was reading this she wouldn’t think that was funny, she’s a worry wart) It was all about club penguin back then, folks. I remember everyone was on wordpress, never on blogspot or freewebs or whatever. WordPress was the shit back then. And everyone was obsessed with roleplaying as a penguin with these fur balls. Like I said, it was the shit. Nowadays, it’s all about World of Warcraft or mostly habbo or imvu. I’m getting off topic, gah. Ah yes, my old site was all surrounding club penguin until I turned 11 or 12, then I realized that it was all about habbo or, I don’t remember 😆 -Talks like indiana jones. I have retrieved that website, muah hah hah. Eh, this ain’t workin for me. :mrgreen:

Back to the reason why I called myself that gay name. I wanna buy a domain or whatever it’s called. Like, Emily and Bbfreeze. Like, if I had one of those I’d be flippin and postin everyday. I was thinking maybe laylasaur.com? Or something cool. Pimpin. Off the chain. Eh, nevermind. I have no idea what to do with my old site, cause I’m comitted to this one and it’s slowly getting up there. I mean, almost six hundred views? That’s the bomb. I do know that I wanna keep it. Cause I was thinking about giving the domain or whatever to my old site, cause it’s already up there? Or start fresh , and give it to this one. Well, My legs hurt and I want my couch and some easy mac.

Comment and give me some advice on what I should do.
Domain or no domain?
Keep old blog or not?
If yes to domain, which blog to?
This one or old one?



1. Douja - June 16, 2010

LOL you speak with so much age, ‘back in the day…’ hehe love that

I say if you want to keep it do it, only if you plan to update it occasionally or just keep it for memories.
This blog should get a domain, but in the end it’s not that necessary, this is for you…. blah blah now I’m rambling 🙂

Layla - June 17, 2010

And yeah, I’m trying to figure out if I want one or not. Cause alot of memories are held in that blog.
Wow that sounded old too, hah.

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