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Cow dung is funny June 12, 2010

Posted by Layla in Layla, Real Life.

I have SO much to talk about! First of all, the sleepover was hella dank. I’ll talk about what we did, so here’s a little list: And by the way, that song up there^ is called Caramelldansen, just sayin.

So, Friday I went over to her house right? And then we decided we would walk  to Hannah’s school, which happens to be my future school this year, and we met this boy that I know, Nick there. He had gotten way more mature than I last saw him. He grew taller, but I was still taller than him hahah. And his voice, like zomg, it was really low. And he was really nice, he’s always been reaally nice. I’ve known him since I was in fourth grade, hahh. So we played truth or dare, it was so much fun. We didn’t do anything innapropriete, it would have made things reaaally awkward between all of us 😳 So we did that, then we went home. OH, before we went to the schoo, we stopped at blockbuster to get some scary movies and some candy. We got, Shutter Island, The Ring, and the Ring 2. Seen any of those? If so, leave a comment telling me what you thought. I’ll do a review for all three later.
Back to what I was saying. We went home and watched Shutter Island. (Trying not to say anything until my review) Then we watched the Ring after that was over and we got so scared (It was like 1am) and we went upstairs. Then it turned into 3am and we went out in the front yard. We pretended that we were in a zombie apocolypse and that we were the only surviviors. It was actually REAALLY creepy. There was this random cat and we petted it and played with it, then we justs at on her dads truck in the back and talked..then out of nowhere, her dad comes up behind me and scares the living daylights out of me. Hannah and I both scream bloody murder and her dad starts running; we jump down and ran after him. But, what was really funny is that he’s an actual hardcore cop and he ran from us, 😆 AND that we woke up the neighborhood 😀 Then after that we stayed inside cause we were so freaked out, haha. Then we called Nick, (the one we met at the school) and talked. We kinda asked eachother dirty questions. Like, have you ever gone really far with a boy? Etc etc, catch my drift? I’m perverted, but I try to hold back on this site cause I want it to be for all ages 😛 We talked for like two hours then we decided to go to sleep.

I actually slept REAALLY good for being at someone elses’ house. I usually can’t sleep in someone elses bed, but I got spared this time yay! Then today, or this morning, we woke up at 1pm. We got up and watched the rest of the Ring then after that one was over, we watched Ring 2. Ring 2 was deffinitely scarier than the first one, like :O Then we cleaned up her room and played around on the computer. Then we listened to Caramelldansen and made a video, 😆 It’s on my laptop, so I’ll upload it on both Layandhan & smartylayla. (: We were gonna meet Nick again today but he had stuff to do and I had to leave and so yeah. I think I like N. (His nickname from now on) And then I came home and set up my desktop and hur I am :mrgreen:


Okay, this movie is NOT made for kids under 13 or maybe even 14. They said the ‘eff’ word alot and it was awkward with Hannah’s parents sitting there. This movie is extremely confusing. Like, you have to be willing to sit through the whole thing or else you wont get  it at all. It’s like, (tries not to spoil it) you think he’s ____ at first and then at the end he turns out to be married to a _____ and that he helped _____ his ____ and he’s in prison or the pyschiatric place he’s investigating. AND, his partner is his _____ (fails at trying not to spoilt it) and he’s all apart of trying to _____ him. Okay, so you get it. This movie is beyond confusing. And, might I warn some, there’s some male nudity. Which was, very disgusting and embarassing. Hannah and I like grabbed our pillows and planted our faces into them for that scene. But other than that, it’s a good true story that could be related to. Wait, that doesn’t make any sense. So, scratch that out (lines out) Rephrased: It could be a true story in some cases. Hah, there we go!





Anyways, tell me what band or singer you want me to critique tomorrow! Cause I’m kinda out of ideas? So, PLEEASE comment and give me some ideas, people! Other than that, it’s pretty much it. Hope you guys’ summer is going pretty baller, cause yeah. Happy uh, camping or reading or whatever I dunno. I’ll do SS tomorrow, sorry guys :O



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