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LOLOL June 4, 2010

Posted by Layla in Layla, Real Life.

Who invented text shorts? LOL, ROFL, BRB. Who invented them all? Well, let me tell you somethin! I have no idea, but you can find out for me if you’d like 😀
So hows your summer going? Mine is slowly going towards being the best summer in a while. Were going to the beach next week, then sometime soon my niece, and other brother are coming down from Kentucky.
There’s something I’ve been wanting to talk about. Some people that blog on this internet world we call WordPress, are from different countries. That’s like really baller. Does anyone else agree with me? So I thought I’d share my background or ethnicity? My daddy is from Libya, Africa. So he used to be a Muslim. But he converted to Christian and came to the US to go to college. My mommy is from Kentucky. I think she’s Cherokee. Like, indian stuff? Yeah, isn’t that coolio? I just figured that out like, a week ago. My mom says since my face is like, a non-chubby shape? Thats from me being Cherokee. 😆 So let’s sum this up: Okay, I’m half Arabic. And half Cherokee. And half white? Hahah, I hate all the terms that exist. Why? Cause they have juding written all over it.
Today is gonna be boring, probably. Moms vacuuming, I hate those contraptions. Don’t you? They’re just plain annoying and LOUD. See that cute puppy up there? Yeah, thats one of my two babies. Nina is our newest addition, chicitos. Her former familygave her to us for FREEE. She’s a little retarded. Hahah 😛

Like the new header? Yess, I made it myself. Your probably thinking, she made the WHOLE header, wow! Actually, no. I just resized it and put my name fancily on it. The background was already made. I think it was from a myspace bckground thing. QUESTION FOR YOU: Well, two questions? Answer them if you’d like.
1: Where are your parets from? Any other country other than the US?
2: Whats your pet(s) name(s)? Do you have any pets? If so, is it a cat or alpaca or monkey? Tell me :mrgreen:



1. Tianna - June 4, 2010

Awww cute puppy ❤
1. Hmm well my mom is from Poland I think. My dad is from Arizona 😀
2. I have a golden retriever, Scruffy, a cat, Mellow, and three goats (cause we live on a farm-place thing haha) Sammy, Mikey, and Milton. Sammy's mine ❤

Layla - June 5, 2010

I wish I lived on a farm 😦
And scruffy, now your username makes sense 😀

2. Douja - June 4, 2010

I always wondered the same thing in regards to txt, it boggles the mind. Great header very creative!

1. Both my parents are Lebanese, I’m 100% lebanese living in USA,TX
2. Phillip,MO (morbidly obesse) both cats

Layla - June 5, 2010

Morbidly obesse is what I first caught in your comment, hahah 😆
And your in Texas? Sweeet. It’s the best place to live if you like the hot summers! 😀

3. Chloé - June 5, 2010

My summer, sadly, has not begun for me yet! 😦 I still have exams all next week, but Thursday is my last day! I am super excited 😀 😀 😀 I’ll be going to camp all summer long [different ones over the course of the summer]. Ooh, I don’t really like the beach. I mean, it’s kinda like a 50-50 thing. Sometimes I do sometimes I don’t :/

My friend listens to All Time Low a lot ❤ I really like the header! Good job!

Glee is this really epic show that comes out every Tuesday on Fox. It's like the much cooler version of High School Musical and it's actually really funny and has a lot of quotable quotes. You should watch! I'm sure you'd love it ❤

Hmmm… Well my Dad is from the south of France. I speak French fluently because well… My parents taught me lol My mom is from the middle of the U.S. [think… lots of flat land and nothing to do.] So I don't know. My grandma has Italian blood and my Grandpa has always had French blood, but I could also have some like Irish blood or whatever :/ We're not really sure.

AWW ❤ You're puppy is adorable! 🙂 I have a dalmatian. What is Nina's breed?

Okay well I have a soccer game I need to get ready for. Looking forward to Song Sunday tomorrow!

Layla - June 5, 2010

Your like pure french material? Like, LEGIT French? I’m dying to learn French! The language has just so much history and it’s beautiful!

And Nina I think is a mini poodle? I’m not sure but I’ll ask my parents.
And thanks, I like the header too! It looks sorta good, hahah 🙂

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