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Tu llamo John Travolta June 3, 2010

Posted by Layla in Layla, Real Life.

The title: random. I’m in a random mood right now. I’ve realized a new way of life. A new way of living and that is, All Time Low. I’m starting to get into their music. It’s really good. It’s like, the best music I’ve heard in a very long time. Like, all the music these days is all autotone and rapping. I personally like music that’s about real and relatable situations. Like, the lyrics go back to a hard time or a good time, you know what I’m sayin, thugs?
While we’re on a random note, have any of you seen the new spin pin? Like, oh my word! They said in the commerical that the spin pin counts for twenty bobby pins. Like, there’s 3 steps. One is to twirl your hair. Two is to twirl it into a bun. Three is to slide in the spin pin and wah-la! You have a bun. I bought the Coffeeshop Soundtrack and Dear Maria, Count Me In from iTunes just now. I by songs cause I wanna see the uh, CD soundtrack cover thing? Like, you know how on your iphone or itouch, when a song is playing you can see a picture of the song or cover? Yeah, that’s why I buy them. My dad told me to stop but I just bought two songs. Not a big deal?
Another random note. Has anyone noticed that Khloe Kardashian looks like a man? Or sort of resembles a man? I’m not much of a gossip girl or whatever but, seriously. She looks nothing like Kim. And they have the same hair style, I think that’s cool šŸ˜› I have eighty-two songs on my iphone. I know, it’s not alot. People are like way ahead of me, I’m like. I guess I’m a big spender on iTunes? Hey! I don’t buy movies or music videos, that’s pointless. Either buy the movie from blockbuster for like five bucks (I think?) and/or watch the video on Youtube. Yay, problem solved.
QUESTION(S) FOR YOU: Whats your fave band? Or your fave song?
Mine would have to be Summer Nights by Rascall Flatts. Psht, like I said. I’m a country girl, I already warned ya’ll, hahah. šŸ˜› So go on and answer those questions, or don’t.Ā  Just do whatcha like, folks. Wow, that was weird. LOL.



1. Tianna - June 3, 2010

All Time Low is awesome!! šŸ˜€
My favorite band is….hmmm I don’t really have one
right now. I love Justin Bieber though haha ā¤ I have a
TON of favorite songs but right now its My Little Girl by
Tim Mcgraw because its such a sweet song šŸ˜€

Layla - June 3, 2010

Yeah, I’m starting to love them, hahah šŸ˜›
That song is soo sweet! I love that one, hahh šŸ˜€

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