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Photoshop hates me June 3, 2010

Posted by Layla in Layla, Real Life.

Okay, I want to learn some photoshop. Yesm, thats right. But, of course. Everything just has to be difficult. Why? Oh well, cause it’s me remember? Yeah. I tried downloading Photoshop 6 or whatever. It was working at first, like where you press all the I agree and jazz. There’s an error every time I try to get it to work. So that one goes down the toilet. Next, I downloaded the Photoshop CS5? Yeah, can’t figure out how to find it and open it to use it.

So basically, I’m asking what kind of photoshop you use, if you use any kind of photoshop. And would you kindly tell me how to get it to work? I wish I knew this stuff, people. But I’m so glad I have you guys! My smart friends from the internet world 😀 So, help me por favor? I reaally wanna start making my own headers and banners and all that jazz, so I don’t have to ask talented folks like you to help a nerd cripple. It’s 12am and I’m going to bed. G’night! :mrgreen:



1. Ari - June 4, 2010

Well, just try uninstalling and deleting everything (ps cs5 and 6). Then re-install ps cs5

Layla - June 4, 2010

Thanks, Ari!

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