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I break computers HEHE June 1, 2010

Posted by Layla in Layla, Real Life.

Right now I’m on the very unconvienent iPhone app of wordpress. Do you see the sacrifices I make for you guys? Hahah, nah. Sacrifices are best when they’re not discovered- I think 😛
And that’s what were going to talk about today! Uh, first of all that was cheesey and second of all, that’s not what were talking about today. I’m not even sure why I’m making a post except for the fact that I’m bored.

I thank Douja who gave me some supercalifragalicious ideas. WOAH, did you see that? I totally just spelled out that word from Mary poppins, heheh. It takes true talent, folks. -Pop da colla. Anyhoo, Douja reccomended that maybe we could have a Song Sunday. Where I give a review on a song or artist and all that jazz. Or I could do Silly saturday? Where I just say random jokes and shizz. I think I like song Sunday cause I like critiquing stuff 😛 Even though I doubt Justin beiber will appreciate my criticism on how he needs a voice deepener? But that’s just me. I do like some of his songs: some.

I just typed alot on an iphone. This is cool. Kinda retro and nerdy, 😆 So guys, whattaya think? GIMME FEEDBACK MOTHER FLIPPYS!!
My daddy works at Dell. It’s always so quiet and peaceful in here. I hate it. I wanna start like, one of this dramatic dance wars if yah know what I’m talkin about. Like the ones in step it up or whatever 😀 Well I’ma scatt. I’ll catch yah guys later (:



1. Chloé - June 1, 2010

Ooh, I have an iTouch and it’s always really hard to type on that thing.

I love Mary Poppins 🙂 Song Sunday? That sounds pretty cool. Make sure you review different kinds of music, that way it can appeal to more people. Like just don’t review/critique songs by Ke$ha or whatever. I’d love to see that here on your site.

That’s cool your dad works at Dell’s. Do you get free lemonade?
From this brief post I just read I can see that you would start a dance war. You’re one of those people.

Okay, well, gotta go now!
You have a nice site here-

Layla - June 1, 2010

Ikr. The touch keyboard is as stubborn as a cow trying to have a baby.
And really? Thanks for the feedback, Chloe! 🙂 Means alot!
Yeah, like go on iTunes and look at the different genres and all the jazz?
And I wanna but I can’t dance. I can do the cabbage patch and the sprinkler but that’s mainly all 😛
And hahah, they had free cookies which was the bomb. :mrgreen:
And and and LOL thanks. It’s a small site but I know it’s gonna grow (:

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