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Blog and tell?! June 1, 2010

Posted by Layla in Layla, Real Life.

Edit: If you look up, no on the monitor dummy. You see that new header up there? Bbfreeze made it, folks! Thanks Bb 😀

So, what do you guys think.
It’s a current trend on wordpress. I think?
Like, you’ll do almost anything to get more viewers, correct? Well, nothing out of the wacko area. Like posting– nevermind. So, to get more views. You assume that if you tell your real life friends, they’ll visit it all the time and encourage you in whatever you post, am I right? I was roaming around the world of virtual jazz and fell onto Tianna‘s or used to be, Scruffy‘s old site. And I read that she left the blog with 70,000 + views on it. What was the reason? She told her real life friends about the blog and they read it. You get the views, they read your wonderful work.
But the happyness ends and your friends end up using the wonderful words of wisdom you blogged against you.

Woah, woah woah. I just thought I’d make a post about this. Why? Cause it seems like it’s happening all around.
I’m nervous even at the thought of telling my real life friends about my blog; this one. Why? Cause some of the stuff I say on here they shouldn’t see. Maybe it’s about them? Like I said, this blog is for ranting and entertainment. Ranting entertains me, folks 😆 So if they saw the stuff I wrote, they’d use it against me and share it to other people and make fun of it. This bog defines me and who I am and who I wanna be! If you don’t like it, flipp off please. Was that too harsh? Sorry 😦 I found this pictureand I don’t know if it has anything to do with what were talkng about but oh well?

lifeBEST.jpg image by FindStuff2

So yeah. I felt like making a post about that and other stuff. Time for the other stuff:

I updated the Song sunday page. There’s already a SS part uno up there to kick it off. But don’t worry, I’ll make another one this sunday just for you, my little penguins 😀 Make sure to check that out and gimme some more feedback! Lately you guys have been wicked awesome on giving me feedback. Even if its one person, it still means alot to me ya’ll. So thank you peeps for that 😛
Next, I was thinking about making a video every once and a while and putting it on here– somehow? I’m not sure how. But I think I’d have to put it on youtube then put the URL thing on here. Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks for the help, viewers! Hahah :mrgreen: Now I have a gift for you, my little penguins. Why do I keep saying that? ALSO, before I forget. I hope none of you get offended my opinion on the SS or whatever. It’s just whatever was on my mind, and hardly anything was cause I was on brain fart: ONCE AGAIN! I keep having alot of brain farts. Maybe my brain needs to let out some steam? I’m not sure.
Here’s your cute present, folks.

panda-11.gif picture by laylalulu



1. Bbfreeze ♫ - June 1, 2010

I only told like 3 of my closest friends about my blog, and I’m not even sure if they visit it anymore. xD I love that cute little panda :3 They’re my favorite animal!

Layla - June 1, 2010

I didn’t tell anyone cause I’m scared 😛
And I know right? It’s cute and virtually clumsy! 😆

2. Tianna - June 1, 2010

It was seriously like a HUGE mistake telling my real life friends about my blog.

I mean face it, I get into some personal stuff on my blog, sometimes about them. So then they read it, flip out, and get ticked off at me. And repeat.

It was so annoying, that I just HAD to start over and create a new blog even with 70,000 hits…which was pretty much pointless because they found out about INT too. 😆 So the lesson here is: don’t tell your friends about your blog. Theyll just use it against you :3

Layla - June 1, 2010

Hahah. Your a soldier, Tianna. 😆
Good lesson, senorita.
I’m never telling anyone irl about this blog. :mrgreen:

3. Tianna - June 1, 2010

Good choice, young one.


4. Layla - June 1, 2010

Yeah, 😆
Thank you, master.

5. Tianna - June 1, 2010

-catches fly with chopstick-

(or some sound that master’s make :3)

6. Layla - June 1, 2010

No no, your supposed to tell me that I’ve done well and that I deserve to eat.
So you make wontons. And then we fight over them dramatically with chop sticks and HIYA’S and jumping and chopstick grabbing 😆

7. Tianna - June 2, 2010


You’ve done well, Young One. This deserved some….


-cooks wonton things 😆 while MEDITATING IN THE AIR. BAM! BEAT THAT- x3

But to first eat, young one, you must first beat the..ME, the
Aekjaoerjdkdleoramdsas-Bob MASTER!

-takes out a pair of chopsticks and we fight overdramatically like in Kung Fu Panda or that one McDonals commercial P:

Layla - June 2, 2010

😆 😆

-eye of the tiger plays in the background-
-grabs chopsticks and jumps into air and floats around like Peter pan. Then glides toward master ajheksbeheBOB and steals the wontons-

8. Douja - June 2, 2010

Honestly I think your blog is like your diary, your private thoughts and ordeals that you share with strangers. Strangers that don’t quite know you yet so can’t fully judge you and that’s what makes it truly beautiful! When you tell someone about your secret diary, someone you know that is ‘your friend’ they begin to analyze your work, judge your thoughts, these aren’t true friends. I say keep it secret, express yourself, that’s real magic 🙂

Layla - June 2, 2010

Woww now I know what my blog is about cause I never knew before!
LOL I just wanted to make one. To kinda write my life down. If that makes any sense 😛

9. Tianna - June 2, 2010


Your skills are strong, but your mind is weak.

-fast as lighting, flies into the air (with my awesome robe swirling around me haha) and steals wonton.


(btw, wow, well put Douja :D)

Layla - June 2, 2010



-swirls into air and turns Into python. Then swings self toward wonton and steals and places in mouth-


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