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Posted by Layla in Layla, Real Life.

Hi guys. I came back early from the lake with my friend. Why? I’m tired and wanted to come home, plus I don’t feel well. It was fun! There was this boy there thats kinda cute? His name is Tristen. It’s a funny name kinda, hahah. He’s a real flirt and it’s weird. It was the 2nd time I saw him. The first time we were on a row boat and I wasn’t in my bathing suit cause the water was cold, and I was being wimpy. He would wet his hand in the lake then touch my legs, I was trying not to be mean or anything. But I didn’t say anything, I just let him do it. It was awkward. Then, we got ontop of this HUGE rock, called piano rock. Cause it’s shaped like a piano. We climbed onto it, onto the top and they were jumping off. I was like, aw hayull no. So he tried to pick me up and flirt with me. To tell you the truth, I’m scared of boys. They just scare me, like what they do to girls and evrything.

Does anybody else feel like that? Girls, I’m talking to. I mean, do they just scare you completely? And kinda, catch you by suprise? Cause thats what Tristen did to me. He’s fifteen and yeah, that’s overwhelming itself. I don’t like him, at all. But the girl I was staying with did, alot. She would whine that he liked me and I’d tell her he doesn’t, that he likes someone at his school: she didn’t believe me. I asked Tristen if he liked my bff, Jordan, and he said no. She asked me what he said and I made her promise she wouldn’t be sad. I told her and she pouted. I slapped her and told her that he doesn’t matter. Boy’s are just there to distract girls and vice versa. I talked to him after I left and told him that I’m afraid, he asked of what. I told him I’m afraid of being hurt and being pressured to do something I don’t wanna do. I have faith in myself that I won’t be pressured into it, but I can’t put so much of my faith into myself xD

On a lighter note, I am COVERED in misqueto bites man. Ones on my neck, three on each leg and it’s crazy! My face is semi-burned, but it doesn’t sting? What does that mean? Hahah, I got a reaally good tan though. Like, 100% better than I was when I got there, hahh. So here’s a question you MUST answer or die, hahah:
What pool-related/water-related activity did you do today? Or did you do something totally different? I wanna hear about it! :mrgeen:

I’ll update some pages since I’m bored right now xD Talk to you guys later!



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