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29-today: Lake diaries May 31, 2010

Posted by Layla in Layla, Real Life.

May 29th

Saturday was so much fun!
I’m friends with these little boys that were adopted and they’re the cutest black boys I’ve ever met and seen. Ryan is the oldest and James is the youngest. It was James’ 8th birthday and I was invited, yay! 😆 I made James this huge card with the huge drawing paper. If you know what I’m talking about? It’s oversized contstruction paper, folks! We taped an envelope with twenty dollars in it to the gigantic card and we got in the car and drove to the house.
The two little boys used to live across the street from me, but then they decided to move to Maine, because the dad had family up there. So they moved, I cried, for 2 years. It was sad that I didn’t get to walk across the street and play Star Wars with them. But time flew by and next thing I know, my mom picks me up from school this year, at the beginning, and tells me that they’re coming back and going to my school! I was so happy! 😀 At the party there was a mad scientist? Yeah, I know. The lady was cranky and rude, I was like uh, did you get this lady off craigslist? But she did some cool tricks or expiriments or whatever, hahah. So after the party, I was on my way to my bestfriend, Jordan’s, lake house her grandma owned. So I arrived with my pillow and stuffed puppy in hand. Why? I was spending the night for 3 days, until Monday or today. My parents said bye, and I ran to Jordan and gave her a huge hug. We ran for the water and jumped in. It was the nicest feeling I’ve had in a while: that summer was here, hahah. Next thing I know, it’s dinner time and were chowin’ down on barbequed burgers and then we walked up to a cabin and layed down and went to sleep. 😛

-Spends the night in a cabin at the lake-

May 30th

 We woke up super early, Idk why. We put on our swimsuits and then we headed for the water. The lake was so nice and cold, and it felt great Since it was like 99 degrees out. So first we layed down on the dock, tanned and talked some. Listenened to some country summer music 😆 Thats the best kind, ain’t it? Then we went swimming, but Jordan was afraid she’d get her hair and makeup messed up. So I messed it up by splashing water on her, and then she stormed off blah blah. I followed her and asked why she was acting like this: she told me it was cause Tristen or let’s call him T, was coming to the lake in a few. I told her if she kept this up, I was leaving. Finaly, she got ahold of herself and went back down. Guess what? T arrived looking weird with his  new haircut -_- So he got in the water, avoiding us and we were avoiding him as well. Time flew by and next thing I know were sitting on the patio talking to him. T was friendly and nice, it was the second time I’ve seen him. We took off our suits cause they were wet and we wanted to get dry, s we changed into dry normal clothes and went back down to talk to T. Time flew by again and he asked us to go swimming with him. So we said ok and went up to change. I layed down on the bed, tired as heck, and said that Jordan could go but I wanted to take a nap. She said she felt tired too. We texted T and told him we changed our minds and that he could come up to the cabin if he wanted to. I thought that was alittle out of line since it would just be us  two girls and him. So he came up here and talked to us, mostly Jordan. I was sitting under the covers, on the bed, playing with my iphone, 😀 and I see them flirting and I’m giving off signs that he needs to leave cause I’m tired. He doesn’t get it -_- Time flew by and we go back down there and I tell her mom that I’d like to go home cause I wasn’t feeling good. My stomach was hurting 😦 So I called my parents and they came and got me. Then I went home to watch a movie and went to bed.

May 31st: today

So I get a call from Jordan, who’s still at the lake. Telling me that T had turned out the lights in a RV they were hangin out in, got under the table and started touching her legs. I was upset and mad. Then she told me that T was rubbing her legs, starting at her knee going up. I was pissed off and ready to take out the trash. So I texted Jordan back saying that she wasn’t making good choices and that I was going to talk to T. I texted T and told him that he needs to stop playing games and to never again touch her or else her mom would know about it. T gets mad, I tell him to either be her friend, be more than her friend or butt out of her life. T chooses the third choice and I tell him to back off of Jordan and me. He never texts back 😀
T is fifteen years old. Jordan and I are thirteen. T took advantage of Jordan’s age and used it against her, that I’m sure of. I love Jordan, but she can’t really handle things herself. Thats why I’m her bestfriend I guess. I love her too much to let some guy come in and ruin her. So I took out the trash and the garbage men promised the garbage wouldn’t come back, or I’d take it out again 😀



1. Tianna - May 31, 2010

Hi thanks for the comment on my blog. I LOVEE your blog. It’s so pretty and summer-full if that makes sense, haha (:

Ugghhh boys can be SOO disgusting! its good that t is out of you and your friend’s life!

looneylayla - May 31, 2010

Hahah. Thanks, Tianna. I try my best, 😆
And yeah, they can be! And most of them are sadly. Usually there’s only about one in a million boys that like you for who you are. And thanks, I just don’t want her getting into any trouble, hah 😀
Ps: I’ll add you to the blogroll, senorita 🙂

2. Douja - May 31, 2010

Great blog, you seem to be enjoying your summer just living it up and taking it easy! You can swim? Haha I’m so jealous I cant’ swim I’m a sinker hehe

looneylayla - June 1, 2010

Hah, thanks. This blog is slowly gettin’ up there. I hope to be in the five hundreds soon 😀
And yeah, I can swim. A little, LOL. Sinkers are cool, they need a floatie 24/7, as do I xD

3. Tianna - May 31, 2010

I know its sad ): But thankfully a lot of the guys at my school are pretty nice, or some of them are anyways 😛

Yay, thank you 😀 I’ll add you to mine, too!

looneylayla - June 1, 2010

The guys in my grade are all perverted jerks. It’s pathetic. And yay! 😆 Hahah 🙂

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