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I type LIKE A BOSS YO May 29, 2010

Posted by Layla in Real Life.

EDIT: RIP Gary Coleman, folks ):

I’m pretty hyper. Sorry I haven’t posted in like a day or two, I had an incident this morning. Okay, here I’ll tell you but you have to promise me you won’t tell ANYONE. Okay? Alright


I got up early to go to work with my daddy. So I’m getting ready and I suddenly feel dizzy. I’m like, the hell is going on? So I sit down on my bed and lay down and I faint πŸ˜› I wake up like twenty seconds later having the urge to throw up, hahah. So I zoom into the bathroom and get a trash can and PUKE. LOLL, it was soo much fun! -_-

That was a boring story. Oh well. After I make this post I gotta update the Cp Updates page. Ugh. Then I wanted to see if anyone can make me a new header for the summer time. Cause, I’m not a master on header making like the other peeps, hahah. I think I’m gonna try to make another one, but we’ll see? Heheh. So, I know this site isn’t getting pretty famous, but it’s getting there. If your reading this, tell me what you plan to do this summer. Do you plan to just stay at home and do nothing? Or are you going somewhere for the whole summer like I want to? ORR, are you going with the flow and just doin the schlitterbauhn, six flags, pool party stuff? Thats what I’m doing, hah. My niece, brother and his wife are coming down pretty soon. I’m really excited about that, ya’ll.
I really wanna go on a cruise. I think were going on one this Thanksgiving, fersure. My 2nd brother, his girlfriend, me, my mom and dad would be going. Hah, I’m looking forward to it like wah.
Keep a lookout for different jazz on here, I’m tryin to spice everything up. But, were doing great guys! Thanks for the support and just visiting and looking around. And giving it a chance πŸ™‚




1. Bbfreeze - May 29, 2010

That sucks about the fainting/puking incident. Pretty random. Are you better now? I would make you a header anytime anywhere πŸ˜€ except when I’m not near my computer, then it’s impossible. But yeah. If you ever want one just ask πŸ™‚ Hmm, I don’t really know what I want to do this summer. Get tan, get better at gymnastics, and swim is pretty much my goals. xD AH, I hate cruises! I hate anything on top of water. I hate being IN water. Idk what it is, I just have this strange paranoia that something deadly and hungry is lurking beneath the surface of the deep murky waters… O_O I really made that sound creepy. Anyways, I love the site so far, good job (:

LAYLA: LOLL. Your just like me! Except I can’t swim in cold water. I can’t, I’m afraid to hahah. :mrgreen:

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