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New girl on the streets, thugs May 26, 2010

Posted by Layla in Real Life.

Yep, thats what home shizzles. I’m not sure how to do this website thing, but I’m gonna act like I know what I’m doing.  -acts like she knows what shes doing. Okay, so I’ve got  in store for this site, you betcha! So I’ve decided that I’ll make a page for club penguin updates since sometimes I do get bored and I do get back on there just to see whats new and whats hot.

Anyhoo, IT’S SUMMER YA’LL. Well, not until the 28th but it’s seriously HERE so who cares? Let’s just say that summer is here right now. It’s sitting right beside you, ready to leap onto you and shake you and make you scream and I should stop now lol. I have an ideaa! I was thinking since I have an iphone with a video recorder, that I would record myself talking and you catch my drift. Yes yes, it’s 1:35 in the morning here in the lonestar state. I didn’t feel like going to bed and having all these gnarly dreams fllow out of my brain so I decided to flow them into my laptop before I forget. Smart ain’t it?
Goshh, I have this HUGE potatoe head/body that can hold parts of the smaller potatoe heads and it’s looking at me and it’s really freaking me out. I wanna get up and move it, but it’s too far! 😦 DID ANYONE SEE IRON MAN 2? Man, that movie was the bomb!! That iron man dude is just freaaking hilarious that I couldn’t stop laughing. Maybe I almost peed my pants, who knows? I should really be asleep right now cause Idk. I like blabbering on about random stuff in the middle of the night. It’s soo fun and exilirating! I’M HYPER. I have no idea why. I only had three sodas today which none include mountain dew cause I get SUPER hyper when I drink it cause IDK why. It just flips me into hyper mode hahah. Do you know what I LOVE to do? Play scrabble on my iphone. IT’ SO FUN. I keep pressing the wrong keys cause I’m typing in the dark. This is really hard. I’m glad I memorized where they are, but I never learned how to type like a professional. Lolll, even tho they tried to teach us how in like fourth grade. I just dazed off, maybe that’s a sign I should lay down. G’night folks.

~Layla 😀



1. Bbfreeze ♫ - May 28, 2010

You’d make good friends with my friend Jasalynn (the one that’s friends with Kelcie, yes) because she’s always hyper and random. xD I heard that Iron Man 2 was really good, but I don’t have much interest in those types of movies… xD Woot, I’m posting this on your last day of school. Or your first day of summer. Either way, it’s epic! (For you…) I memorized the keyboard too, I think the “right” way to type is stupid. It gives you more exercise to move your entire hands, and not just have them in one spot and move your fingers. That’s for lazy people! Anyways, bye. xD

looneylayla - May 29, 2010

LOLL Ikr. Iron Man 2 was SICK. It was totally off the chain, homedog. And yeah, hahah. I’m siked! The right way is stupid. It’s too much work to set your fingers in the ‘correct’ postiton and move them here and there. Why not just memorize the keyboard and go for a free for all? Hah, yup. 😀

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